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So I know I should be speaking about love or self love or something equally Valentine’s related… but I’m a true believer in that should be an everyday thing… so I’m just going to ignore it! And talk to you about a palette I picked up about 6 months ago now which I realised I haven’t shared with you – Lunar Beauty’s Life’s a Drag Palette.

Manny launched his new, very gorgeous Goddess Collection at the end of last year. At $45 (or £37) it’s not a cheap palette.. but it’s definitely a gorgeous one!

life's a drag

The packaging is stunning and unique. With bold eyes on the front, embossed ‘Life’s a Drag’ on the front and simple and to the point on the back. The coated cardboard packaging is weighty, which makes it feel more expensive, but also not great for travelling. It comes with a mirror, which is great, but the extra ornate design round the outside of it means it’s a lot narrower than it needs to be.

life's a drag 1

It comes with it’s own double ended brush; which is a precise flat ended blush one end and a slightly fluffier brush the other. The handle feels good, with a slightly glossy white handle and a purple tinted copper fixings. The bristles are soft, and while it’s no Zoeva brush, it’s definitely not those naff ones you get in the Revolution palettes!

However, I don’t know about you? But I’d rather the palette be like £5 cheaper and not come with a brush. Not that I’m against eyeshadow brushes, but I really don’t like dual ended brushes, and none of these brushes ever make it into my daily brushes… so they kind of feel like a bit of a waste of money… or is that just me?

life's a drag 2

Putting the brush aside, we have 14 decent sizes pans, laid out in an easy and convenient way. You have your white and black; the white is so so, but the black in this palette is stunning and super black – so really works for a liner. You have 4 neutral warm brown shades which would make the most gorgeous little quad. Two shimmers, Beat being my favourite, and also one for which I’ve been complimented for. And then at the end you have your 6 colour shades.

life's a drag 4

There’s nothing distinctly unique about the concept of a palette which is half neutral, half colour. But these bright shades are really pretty.. and replace Kiki with a green, and you have all the bright colours you’d ever need. Campy is actually a really pretty yellow (the only other one I’ve liked as much is in the Soph x Revolution palette), Pageant Queen is a stunning bright purple, Kiki is that blue which is bordering on the corner of turquoise, Fishy is a bright, classic blue, Kai Kai a barbie pink… and to round it all off, my favourite shade, Snatched, is a beautiful wine burgundy colour!

life's a drag 5

The shades are (as much as I hate to say it) buttery and they blend like a dream! They last really well on the eyes and I love how you can create the really natural to the really bold all in one palette.

Ask me 2 years ago if I liked this palette and I’d have laughed in your face (well probably not.. I’m always terrified of upsetting people.. but you know what I mean). However, I feel like my makeup taste and makeup in general have come so far since then. I’m happy to wear an all matte eye look, or to put a bright pop of blue on my eyes, and I LOVE to wear yellow!

life's a drag 6

The weakest two shades are definite Cake Face (the white) and Kiki (the turquoise/blue), so if you want this palette for those two colours… then run the other way. Fast. However, the other shades in this palette are stunning, mattes and shimmers alike.

life's a drag 7

I mean, come on, look at that blue, gold and black! Stunning!

Have you tried this palette? If so, what did you think?

Katie x

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  1. Great post! The shades look nice but I don’t think I could justify it for the price point :/ and I totally agree with what you said about brushes- they’re never amazing quality and a dual ended brush is just a but unhygenic as one end will always be at the bottom of the pot 😑 I think Revolution do equally as good eyeshadows for a fraction of the cost!xx

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