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Oh everyone’s favourite online clothing shop…. except I’ve actually never even bought something from them before. I know kill me…. actually please don’t! But seriously, I did one online shop with New Look like 5 years ago and it’s put me off online shopping forever. I like the actual process of going to a shop, seeing the clothes all lined up, being able to feel them and see them in person, and then carrying them to a changing room and trying before I buy.

Still doesn’t mean I don’t scrawl down the beautiful website that is ASOS, lusting over pieces of clothing I really don’t need and clothing I really can’t afford. So I thought I might as well share with you the 12 things that caught my eye on my last trip.


Monki Textured Oversized Jumper in Yellow £50.00 | I’m sorry this colour is gorgeous! It’s remarkably like 2 other jumpers in my wardrobe, but I don’t even care, it’s gorgeous! And I love how it’s styled with a fitted black skirt and a slick ponytail!

Stradivarius Baby Cord Shirt £19.99 | I’m still very much on the look out for the perfect white shirt. But this will do for now. It’s gorgeous! I love the colour, the fit and the style, PLUS it’s less than £20! Also, there’s something about her hairstyle and this outfit that really makes me want a fringe

Stradivarius Mom Jean in Washed Blue £19.99 | I see people pulling off mom jeans all the time and it’s not really a trend I’ve managed to do successfully (I had a pair from River Island I somehow bought 2 sizes too big, and a pair from H&M with rips so big I ended up putting my foot through them and wrecking them). This pair is simple, classic, affordable and actually I LOVE that it’s not ripped (don’t know about you, but I’m so over that trend!)

Stradivarius Ribbed Jersey Button Through Dress in Black £25.99 | I feel like this is an elegant classic that I really need. Well I really don’t need it, it’s more of a want, but you get the idea! Classic, simple, and very appropriate for work.


Monki Multi Stripe Knitted Jumper £25.00 | Anyone who knows anything about me knows I have a real love affair with a knitted jumper. They’re cozy, warm, can be easily dressed up and down and they perfectly cross pretty much all seasons. And this one is cute! I love how bold the colours are and LOVE that light yellow colour!

Monki Multi Row Pendant Necklace £6.00 | I’ve always wished I owned one of these! They look so great layered over high neck, thin knits. Which we all know I live in!

Monki Denim Skirt & Jacket £15.00 £25.00 & £20.00 £50.00 | I wish I was the kind of girl who could pull off a co-ord set like this! Unfortunately I’m not… neither am I entirely sure I like the whole double denim in pink thing. However, it is cute, and I do think I’d easily be able to wear one or the other.

Monki Multi Stripe Midi Knit Dress in Black £35.00 | I used to have a dress like this at Uni, but it was very short and I found there were very few opportunities I could wear it. This has a really nice length, it’s in green (one of my favourite colours to wear) and who doesn’t love a knit dress… to go with their knit jumpers


Monki Trucker Jacket in Brown Check Print £39.00 £65.00 | Now this is cool. Really cool. Like next level cool. I also love the colours, and how she’s styled it. I think the colour layout is great, the fit is great and the fact it’s like £26 off… on to a winner!

Bershka Trouser in Camo Print £19.99 | Now I’m really not cool enough to get away with these. But there’s a real instagram trend of people wearing these trousers with a cropped black top and I really want to be all over it…

Bershka Floral Printed Wrap Front Dress £12.50 £27.99 | And now we’re right back into my comfort range. I love a floral print, and a wrap dress is pretty much the only style of dress I haven’t tried!

What’s on your wishlist this month? Or what are you trying really hard not to buy…?

Katie x

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