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No don’t worry, I’m still coming back with the new in makeup reviews! It’s just been a little bit of a mega month(s) and I was moving, and I feel like all the launches recently have been limited edition, or glittery, or Christmas sets… and I don’t really want either of them. However, Maybelline (the home of our ever favourite Lash Sensational) have come out with their supposedly revolutionary SnapMascara.

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At £6.99 it’s about middle of the range in terms of the drugstore. I really do love the square packaging! There’s something really satisfying about having a mascara that doesn’t roll around when you try to take a picture of it – yup, I’m that person. And I really do like the simplicity of the black packaging with the silver accents.

maybelline mascara 3

So the wand is slightly curved… which is nothing revolutionary. Many mascara brands do it so that you can much easily coat all your lashes at once. Which does make it a quick to apply mascara, but in no way shape or form makes it unique.

However… while I don’t feel like their ‘OMG this is so new and unique’ claim is a bit of a farce, it’s actually a really good mascara. It’s lengthening and gives good volume without being clumpy. It does it without being too heavy, so when your lashes are curled they do stay fairly curled. And it doesn’t end up down your face half way through the day!

maybelline mascara

I would say, to me, that makes a good mascara. The last claim they have is that it’s can be removed as quickly as you apply it… now I would say that depends how long it takes you to apply your mascara! But, it is a really easily removed mascara, just a bit of micellar water, few seconds, puff!

maybelline mascara 2

So, ignore the claims and just accept it’s a normal, good mascara and you’ll love it! The packaging is gorgeous and the formula is strong. Highly recommend!

Have you tried this? If so, what did you think? Or what do you think about those ‘insane’ claims!

Katie x

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