The Best 95p Eyeshadow Brushes Ever?

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So I have a brush problem. That is no secret.. well you might not have known… but now you do! I love having a million and one eyeshadow brushes to reach for because I love wearing a different eye look everyday! So.. when I found this eyeshadow set on Amazon for £14.29 for 15 eyeshadow brushes… I was ALL over it!

I was slightly nervous waiting for it to arrive. I’ve bought so many brush sets that have been full of brushes you really just don’t need! (you know a million flat brushes and a million angled brushes and then no crease brushes!) HOWEVER, never have I been so wrong!

jessup brushes

Realised I’ve never actually told you what these are. These are the Jessup 15Pcs Pearl White/Rose Gold Professional Makeup Brushes. They can be bought from Amazon for under £15 and they’re eligible for Prime next day delivery (which we all know is a winner!).

Overall, these brushes are GORGEOUS! They’re synthetic, cruelty free and have a beautiful soft pearl finish handle. They’re super soft and I haven’t noticed ANY shredding! They also have sets that are black, and silver and whatnot if you’re not keen on the colour… but let’s break down the brushes

jessup brushes 1

These are in order from left to right in the pictures below

142 Concealer Buffer | Perfect for blending concealer or eyeshadow primer on the face. But.. as I’m not the kind of person to use a brush for this (love a sponge)… I love using this to set my concealer/primer with a skin/bone coloured shade. It’s similar to the Real Techniques (RT) Deluxe Crease Brush

221 Luxe Soft Crease Brush | Similar to the Zoeva Luxe Crease brush (but far less tapered) this is a big fluffy brush ideal for putting colour through the crease! Super super soft!

222 Luxe All Over Shader | This is one of those big flat brushes that is super super fluffy. I don’t really have anything like this, but this is actually really useful!

223 Petite Eye Blender | I literally love this! It’s a super small, precise, domed eye blender! It’s another one of those things I don’t really have and I LOVE it!

jessup brushes 3

226 Smudger | Such an unusual brush shape! This is like one of those flat topped blender brushes, but it’s really short! Brilliant for smudging a colour on the lash line or applying a brow highlighter under the brow

226 Luxe Soft Definer | This is super similar to the 221 brush, but a little flatter and omg it’s sooo soft (then again they all are!)

228 Luxe Crease | This is basically an exact dupe of the Zoeva Luxe Crease brush… need I say more?

230 Luxe Pencil | This is a really small tapered brush perfect for applying and blending really precise eyeshadow. Really useful!

jessup brushes 2

231 Luxe Petite Crease Brush | I love how there’s another soft bender crease brush! These are 100% the types of brushes I go for! This is effectively a smaller version of the Zoeva brush I keep talking about!

233 Cream Shader | This is the style of brushes these multiple packs are usually full of! However, one if useful! It’s a super flat, stiff brush which is perfect for cream shadows (as the name would suggest) or for using to cut the crease!

234 Luxe Smokey Shader | one of those brushes people sometimes overlook, but they’re really important. The flat eyeshadow brush, which is fairly small and not too stiff and works perfectly for shimmer shadows

237 Detail Shader | A super super tiny version of the brush above, this is perfect for all those little detailed things and it’s not a brush shape I really have

jessup brushes 4

312 Detail Liner, 317 Wing Liner & 322 Brow Liner | Pairing these all together, because they’re the shape brush I don’t use too often, but they’re handy to have around just incase. They’re all very similar shapes, but they’re that angled, super skinny, flat eyeliner brush

To be honest, so many of them can be compared to the Zoeva brushes, in their style, shape, handles, etc. They’re gorgeous and for their money highly highly recommend!

jessup brushes 5

Have you found any secret gems out there on Amazon? I feel like you can get some crackers on there!

If you want these, you can buy them here

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