One Week in Lipsticks | May 18

One Week in Lipsticks | May 18
One Week in Lipsticks | May 18

I’m back again for another week in lipstick post! I literally love these things because they really force me to step outside the box for a week… I mean realistically it’s still very pink and nude with a pop of red… but still! Normally I spend everyday with a mauvey nude.. but not for this week!

NYX Powder Puff Lippie in Cool Intentions

I loved applying this for that soft, undone look! Plus it’s pretty much my lip colour so it’s just so easy to wear!

NYX Matte Lipstick in Eden

An orange toned red lipstick will make another appearance later in the week! I find them the most flattering for me, and they work with all of my red lipliners!

Inglot Lip Satin in 306

These actually aren’t my favourite formula of lipstick, but this is very much my kinda lip colour (hence why this makes a reappearance later too!). I just find it a little heavy, however it is pigmented and fairly long lasting.

One Week in Lipsticks | May 18

Bourjois Rouge Lacque in 03 Jolie brune

I literally love Bourjois lip options, they’re so so good and this is no exception! It’s a stunning colour and it’s a great formula of liquid lipstick, with a pretty matte finish and it’s super comfortable!

Mac Lipstick in So Chaud

Now this is my favourite orange toned lipstick! It’s easy to wear, super long lasting, it wears really well, it looks super pretty! Just love it!

ABH Matte Lipstick in Dead Roses 

Now I have to say these lipsticks are pretty drying, but if you can see past that they are super pretty! And this colour is right up my street!

No.7 Hi Shine in Delicate Pink

These are my go-to for a lazy day! They’re so so so easy to apply and so so so comfy! The colour is pigmented, glossy and it does actually last pretty well!

All of these lipsticks, pretty much, do transfer and aren’t completely kiss proof.. then again I find like every lip option in the world does!

What have you been wearing on you lips this month?

Katie x

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4 thoughts on “One Week in Lipsticks | May 18

  1. As an avid hater of lip gloss I find t funny that I have been reaching for one of the flights of fancy lip glosses! I’m also trying to pan a Tarte matte lip paint…. the challenges of life I tell you. I’m digging all of those orange reds!

  2. Oh these colours! I love your lazy day No.7 lipstick! I’m going to have to check that out.

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