Top 10 Brushes from RT

Top 10 From RT 2

Real Techniques do some of the best brushes out there, and they’re super affordable. I feel like RT and Zoeva are – by far – my favourite brands. However, they can be a tad overwhelming as the brand continues to grow, super fast. So I thought I would share with you today my top 10 favourite brushes from the brand:

B04 Soft Shadow Brush (Part of Powder Bleu Collection) | When they say soft, they mean soft. This is hands down the softest brush I have ever used. It blends out the crease better than any brush I have ever used and I couldn’t recommend it enough! An incredible brush!

Powder Brush | I have to admit, I don’t actually use this for powder, I use this for bronzer. But, as a bronzer brush it’s amazing! I’m not one for contouring, and so this works so well for me for applying a very rough application of bronzer. I love using this with the Max Factor Creme Bronzer!

Deluxe Crease Brush | If you’re a lazy eyeshadow wearer, you will love this! It applies a quick, even application of eyeshadow. It’s just so fast!


Top 10 From RT 1

Duo-Fibre Face Brush | If, like me, you’re not one for pink rosey cheeks.. then you will love this. It applies a very light application of blush on the cheeks and if erases that fear of clown cheeks.

Setting Brush | If you’re one of those people who loves setting your undereyes with a separate brush, this one is amazing! It also works for highlight if you need a highlight brush.

Angled Highlight Brush | I never use fan brushes, I just can’t get on board with them. But this brush, this is what highlight is all about. It makes your highlight pop!

Precision Concealer Brush | This is the one with the stripy handle… apparently they’re called the same thing. Weird. Howevr, this one is amazing for applying concealer to really precise place. I’m normally a beauty blender kinda girl.. However, if I want a brush, it’s always this one.

Top 10 From RT

Miracle Complexion Sponge | I actually prefer this to the real beauty blender, and it’s like a third of the price. I literally use this sponge every single day. If you haven’t used a sponge to apply your foundation yet… do! I couldn’t recommend it enough, it is a literal game changer

Base Shadow Brush | This is, as it would suggest, an amazing eyeshadow brush for applying your base shadow – to set the concealer or eyeshadow primer. It applies a nice soft application and allows you to blend out the edges.

Point Brush XS | I didn’t quite get this collection when it came out – brushes in difference sizes that were all the same shape. However, this one is actually pretty good. It works really well as a crease brush, as you get a point at the end that makes application precise. But, then you use the brush to blend it out as well

There are probably more brushes from RT I could add to this list, but these are definitely my favourite. Which ones are your favourite from the range?

Katie x

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