5 Products I Love That No One is Talking About

5 Products none is Talking About 3

There are so many makeup items out there, that it would be impossible for every product to get it’s time in the limelight. However, these are some utter favourites of mind that I just see no one talking about! These are products I use all the time (most of them day in day out) and I just want the world to give a little more love.

5 Product Noone is Talking About

H&M Infinite Impact Eye Colour in Desirous | This is the only item from H&M I’ve actually tried (I have one of their bronzers as well, but haven’t got round to it yet), however, it’s amazing! The pigment is very much there, the lasting power is great, it blends really well… plus it’s a stunning eye lid colour! Just love it!

Sleek i-Art Liquid Eye Colour | These are very good, they make putting colour into an eye look really easy and surprisingly natural. They apply well, last well, and are easy to use. I have a full review of this here.

5 Products Noone Is Talking About 2

Max Factor Creme Bronzer | I love this! I feel like I never stop talking about it. Max Factor is such an underrated brand, and so many of their base products are my favourite. And this is no exception. It looks natural, brings life to your face and just works so well on pale skin! You can read a full review of this here.

NYX 3 Steps to Sculpt Palette | I actually don’t like the highlighter in this.. however the powder is finely milled and look beautiful under the eyes and the bronzer is exceptional. Love this palette. You can read a full review of this here.

5 Products Noone is Talking About 1

Max Factor Brow Pencil | With one of the smallest shade ranges out there (3 shades) this wont be ideal for everyone.. however, if you can get a colour that works for you, this is amazing! It’s super super fine, pigmented enough without being crazy, it’s mechanical, it has a spoolie on the end, and it just ticks every single box

What are your favourite products that you never ever see people talking about?

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