Working 9 till 5 & Blogging

Week in Lipsticks | April 18
Working while blogging

I mean, I actually work from 9:30 till 6 (or currently 9:30 till midnight) but that’s really not as catchy as Dolly Parton’s iconic song! I feel like whenever I post everyday, people’s first question is always how? Honestly? I’m not really sure.

Especially at the moment, when I’m rarely getting home before midnight, and my internet as been down at home for over a week. I’m now really really struggling. However, I’m determined to do it.

Oh, and plus the weather really isn’t helping. I just need some sun. Pretty please (oh how English of me.. talking about the weather)

Honestly it takes hard work. There is no magic tip or trick that will change that fact. I often get home from a long day at work and then spend time writing posts. I spend my weekends taking photos. I have to find inspiration wherever and whenever it comes my way. It is work. There is no denying that.

However, the thing that really helps is organising – more specifically, scheduling blog posts. This has been impossible recently with my internet situation – hence the late post today – but ideally I like to be a week ahead. This means that even though I’m still basically posting a blog post a day, it’s not going up on that day. It eases off the pressure and really helps chill me out. Plus, if I’m working super late one day… it doesn’t matter. I just write two the next day.

The second, and possibly the biggest change of blog post writing when I went from posting every so often to everyday… set aside a few hours to mass blog post photo take. Does that sentence make sense? Probably not. Basically, I spend a few hours (usually every other weekend) taking all the blog photos for the next fortnight or so. I feel like you can write a blog post in any spare moment of the day, but you need a set up and good lighting to take a blog photo…. so take as many as you can when you have the ideal situation.

Also, don’t forget (linked to above), photoshop is your best friend. I will be writing a post soon all about how I edit my photos… but for now, know this. I brighten my photos. Because we live in England… and it’s dark… like always.

Back tomorrow with a ‘normal’ post

Katie x

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11 thoughts on “Working 9 till 5 & Blogging

  1. This will definitely be me when I find work, blogging and work aren’t an easy combination and I know for me there will be a major adjustment period till I start to get into a routine. May I recommend using a ring light for taking photos? I’ve switched over the last month and it was the best decision I ever made – I can now take photos whenever I feel like/have the time to do so. So at least when I start working I know I won’t be limited by relying on daylight / sunlight.

    1. Oh? I’d considered a ring light for videos, but I was concerned you would get flashback off of products (with plastic casings). Is this not the case? If so, This could be seriously game changing! X

  2. Agreed I have a 9-5 a four hour commute, plus I post on my blog 3-5 times a week and on YouTube 3-4 times a week. It’s exhausting but something I enjoy so you just have to make the time!

  3. I completely agree it’s so tough, I’ve got a full time 9-5 and I’m exactly the same, I spend my weekends taking bulk loads of photos and I always do rough mind maps of blogpost about a month in advance, I find that helps me a lot!

  4. I do the same thing, I write my posts up for the next week on my mondays and tuesdays(more time on those days for me). I do photos the next day I have good weather and time. I try to do it during the work wee, during the day, so I don’t contend with children and the windows. I then edit and put them in the blogs over the weekend. I adjust if I randomly want something else in there. Sometimes too, specially when I write my Tuesday Review posts, I will do like 3 at once, because I have been trying out new items all at the same time, and I just want to get all the fresh info down. So that is like 3 weeks of tuesday posts all in a few hours.

  5. No doubt, it’s hard work. And I’m trying to bring myself back to blogging and setting aside a time for my blogging that won’t be compromised.

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