New | Revlon Ultra HD Matte Metallic Lipsticks

Revlon LipstickRevlon Lipstick 1Revlon Lipstick 2

I feel like metallic lipsticks are the big craze at the moment, and every brand in the universe seems to be coming out with them at the moment – the next brand, Revlon.

Their Ultra HD Matte Lipsticks have been extended to include 8 metallic shades. These shades include Gleam (pale nude), Glam (grey-toned nude), Dazzle (bright purple), Shine (Brown red, pictured above), Flare (red, copper colour), Glow (pale peach, pictured above), Glitz (blue-toned grey, pictured above), Luster (grey colour, pictured above).

The formula is very similar to the original Ultra HD Matte Lipsticks – with a super sweet smell, a mousse-like texture, super comfortable wear, but slightly patchy application. They are a little bit gritty with the glitter in them, but other than that they’re super comfortable to wear.

At ยฃ8.99 they’re in the middle of the price range, and their packaging is very luxurious and high quality – something I’ve always admired Revlon for.

I have to say, I really just don’t like metallic lipsticks….

Have you tried these? If so, what are your thoughts?

Katie x

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