New | Sleek Into the Night Palettes

Sleek Into the Night Palettes Review
Sleek Into the Night Palettes Review
Sleek Into the Night Palettes Review

Sleek have launched two new palettes, one exclusive to Superdrug, one to Boots… and I have to say… I really don’t get them. Each palette is £7.99 for 6 colours… so not outrageous. They both contain a mix of cream and powder eyeshadows. And are both themed; grey or gold.

The packaging, to start with… stunning. I mean, when it Sleek packaging not stunning. It’s sleek (haha), black, good quality, comes with a mirror.. I just love Sleek packaging.

Sleek Into the Night Palettes Swatches

Into The Night Silver 

This is the weirdest palette to me. All of the shades are shimmery, and all varying tones of silver. The palette has (from left to right) a cream black, a powder silver, a cream white-silver, a cream bullet-silver, a powder deep-grey-silver, and a powder silver. All the shades are super shimmery, the creams are a tad chunky and the powders – while stunning – I’m just never going to wear… weirdest palette ever.

Sleek Into the Night Palettes Review

Into the Night Bronze

It doesn’t really get any better with this palette. This palette contains (from left to right) a stunning copper-bronzer, a powder matte-black, a cream champagne, a powder copper-bronze (just a tad warmer than the other one), a cream shimmer black-grey, and another powder copper-bronze. Three shades in here are basically the same shade… which I think is totally bizarre. And the only matte in it is a black.

I just really don’t get these palettes, I have to say I wouldn’t recommend them, and I don’t think I’m going to use them

Have you tried these, if so what are your thoughts?

Katie x

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