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Anyone who knows anything about Zoella will know that she used to rave about this duo. So much so, and so such success that I just felt like I NEEDED it – because I have such strong will obviously..

At £25 this is not a purchase made lightly, but after reading some outstanding reviews and knowing that me and warm-copper tones get on like a house on fire, I thought I’d take the plunge – I have never looked back. When I first purchased this I was a tad sceptical of the lack of a matte shade, however… I found you don’t even need it, it’s super weird, but with these two colours you can create a stunning eye look!

First the formula, oh my gosh the formula! Having never tried Nars eyeshadows before this, I had no idea what to expect. But my word have they got this down to a T. They’re pigmented, buttery, super shimmery, long lasting, not too much fall out (though a fair amount of kick-up in the pan), and they just look stunning. The two colours complement each other perfectly and look stunning on the eyes at this time of the year with a dark nude or berry colour.

The packaging is the stereotypical Nars packaging that looks like a good idea, but gets filthy in a matter of seconds… not helpful.

£25 is a lot of money, yes… however, if these are shades you can see yourself wearing on the daily, then I would recommend this whole heartedly.

Have you tried this? If so, what are your thoughts?

Katie x

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