New | Sleek Spirit Animal Palette

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Me and Sleek eyeshadow palettes have a weird relationship. I love the formula, it truly is very very good for drugstore makeup, however no colour combination has every truly excited me. I find I get their palettes, think ‘ooh this eyeshadows are really nice’ then never use them again…

However, this palette. Is gorgeous. I’m getting the whole Morphe x Jacqueline Hill vibes about this palette – a beautiful collection of neutrals with a few pops of blue. You have your crease colours – matte browns, and a stunning, super warm matter orange/brown, you have an array of shimmers ranging from gold, to champagne, to copper, to rust, and then your matte blue and shimmer blue.

It creates some stunning neutral eye look, that is very everyday glam, and then I love smoking the blue out on the bottom lashes as a pop of colour. For £8.99 this palette is such a bargain, beautiful shades, great formula, awesome ‘sleek’ (aha) packaging.

Have you tried this, if so, what are your thoughts?

Katie x

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