New: Barry M Molten Metals

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The Barry M Molten Metal Nail Polishes are nothing new; they’ve been out for ages, and Bronze Bae is one of my favourite nail polishes of all time. However, Barry M have just added 5 new shades to bring the range to a grand total of 9. We all know Barry M Nail Polishes are my favourite of all time; super affordable, and actually great quality.

They come at the cost of £3.99, which is the mid-range pricing of their range – but still super affordable for the drugstore, let alone makeup in general. Their packaging is simple; a square bottle with a bronze, metallic lid. Simple and classic.

The formula is one of the best. You only need two coats (Black Diamond even looks great in one coat… like WTH!), and they last – on my nails – a good couple of days without chipping. Holographic lights looks a little funny against my skin tone (I’m super pale), but the rest of them look super stunning. They reflect light in such a beautiful, shimmery way… so perfect for summer. They’re a tad harder to remove than normal nail polishes, but still super easy, and significantly easier than glitter polishes.

I just love them!! If you hadn’t guessed. Have you tried these? If so, what are your thoughts?


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