New: MUA Professional (Base) Range


MUA have launched an insane amount of products recently (only being rivalled by L’Oreal and Lottie London). They’ve made a new MUA Professional range – essentially of a higher quality then their Luxe range… they’re getting there. There are 3 products I purchased from their base range, the only product I didn’t buy is their blotting sheets, because I just don’t use them, and the pressed powder, as I have more than enough. However, I thought I’d try some of the other products to see if they were any good.

MUA Wonder Vanishing Cream Primer £5 – This is described as a soft primer designed to fill fine lines to leave a smooth skin. I really do agree, while the primer has a sort of greasy feel to it – which takes a little getting used to, and I wouldn’t recommend it if you have oily skin – it feels sooo soft, and it makes your skin feel sooo soft. Your foundation glides over the top so easily. I don’t think it prolongs the wear of foundation that much, if at all, but it does make it look better. However, you will need to use more powder than usual when using this primer.

MUA Ultra Fine Loose Setting Powder £4 – a completely colourless powder (it’s white) that mattifies really well. It doesn’t look like you have powder on, and it does a really good job. I have to say, its quite hard to get powder completely wrong! I mean it’s not my favourite, but at the price point, I can’t really complain.

MUA Custom Colour Foundation Mixer £4 – Now, this is exciting, I think this is the only brand in the drugstore (in the UK) that has them. The do them in four shades (lightening warm, lightening cool, darkening warm, darkening cool), so you really can personalise your foundation to match your exact skin tone – how cool is that?! It really does make a difference to the colour of your foundation, and their consistency doesn’t seem to alter the liquid foundations that I’ve tried mixing it with (though it doesn’t agree with the more mousse/whipped formula foundations).

MUA has always been such a good brand for their price point, however they are slowly getting more expensive, but more experimentative, so I can’t wait to see what they’re going to come out with next.


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