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Review Collection Volumax Mascara
Review Collection Volumax Mascara
Review Collection Volumax Mascara

Left, right, and centre, drugstore brands have been coming out with double ended mascaras. With one end being the primer, and the otherside being the actual mascara. It’s a trend I haven’t quite got on board with. However, when Collection – a super affordable brand with some high quality products – came out with their own take, I thought it was about time I tried it.

At £3.99 it’s insanely good value for money. The packaging is clean and clear, and the concept is simple; prime your eyelashes with this white liquid, wait a few seconds for it to dry, and then apply the mascara over the top. Your eyelashes would then be thicker and longer than they would be otherwise.

The primer brush applies the product evenly, but it a tad too long in my opinion – seriously, whose eyes are that big?! The mascara brush is not my favourite kind, but notoriously good for volume. You have to be quite careful when applying the mascara because the primer is so white that you need to ensure you completely cover it. I have to say, this mascara is in no way clumpy, it leaves your lashes looking really long and fluttery. However, I feel there’s not a whole deal of volume – which the name of the product implies there is going to be.

While the final result is pretty, and it is a mascara I will continue to use, I feel like there are other mascaras on the market that do the same job, or even a better job, without the fuss of having to apply two layers of different products on your eyes. So, for that reason, it is not one that I would purchase again.

Have you tried this mascara? If so, what are your thoughts?

Katie x

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