New | GOSH Liquid Matte Lips

Review GOSH Liquid Matte Lips
Review GOSH Liquid Matte Lips
Review GOSH Liquid Matte Lips
Review GOSH Liquid Matte Lips

GOSH is one of those brands who I think are massively under-appreciated. They’re cruelty free, sort of Maybelline prices, but they have some stand out products. One of the things I think GOSH do incredibly is lip products. So, when I found out they were launching a new range of liquid lipsticks, I was very excited. Their normal lipsticks are a staple in my collection, so I had high expectations of these – and, spoiler alert, they didn’t disappoint.

The formula is fairly thick, so application takes a little bit of getting used to. However, they dry down completely matte, they’re nowhere near as drying as other counterparts on the market, and they last ages. Plus, when they fade, they do so in the same way as the NYX liquid lipsticks; it literally fades, so you don’t get a weird outline arounds your lips, which is really unattractive!

At £8.99 they fall towards the higher end of the drugstore prices – which is where GOSH fits as a brand. And they can be found online and in bigger Superdrug stores. The two shades I have here are Nougat Crisp (pink-toned nude) and Berry Me (berry-toned pink).

However, while I write my praises of these liquid lipsticks, I still favour the NYX liquid lipstick ranges, and I have to say, if you were to try any GOSH lip options, I feel like their matte lipsticks are incredible!

Have you tried these? Or any GOSH lipsticks?!

Katie x

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