New | Maybelline Baby Lips Colour Balm Crayon


The Maybelline baby lip lip balms are a staple in my collection; they’re super comfy, hydrating, great lip balms, and have a slight tint of colour. So, when I saw that Maybelline had released their Lip Balm Crayons I expected them to be very similar. Oh, how wrong I was. While they are still comfy, hydrating and feel great on the lips, their pigmentation is insane.

Our store (in Winchester) stocks 5 shades (from left to right); Pink Crush, Candy Red, Sugary Orange, Creamy Caramel and Strawberry Pop. The colours are super fun and youthful, as the range tends to be marketing to a younger audience. And while the formula of these is insane, the colour range actually has nothing in it that I am completely crushing over.

At £6.99 they’re not too expensive, but they’re not as cheap as they could be. When they’re quite a youthful product.

If they release more nude shades, or even some more subtle shades, I will definitely jump on this band wagon and get super excited. However, at the moment, I’m super excited about the formula, and a bit meh about the colour range.

What’re your thoughts?


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