2017 Bucketlist/Goals

2017 Bucketlist/Goals

I’m actually terrible at New Years Resolutions. And so I decided to do a 2017 bucket list instead. So I’m going to set 10 things that I really hope to have achieved by the end of the year; they’re nothing crazy or out of this world. but they’re big things for me.

  1. Meet up with YouTube friends. There are a group of four of us that have got chatting on Twitter and we’re planning to meet up this year. I also hope to make more friends over the next year by (hopefully) attending a couple of events!
  2. Blog everyday (give or take). I may occasionally take a day off, but I really hope to continue this throughout the entire year. Because… well… I want to.
  3. Redecorate my room. Well, strictly speaking, my brother’s room. I’m moving back home in May this year and hopefully I’ll move into my big brother’s room (as he’s moved out) because his room is bigger. Which means new furniture, new paint, new carpet! Wohoo!
  4. Spend the weekend in a city in the UK. Not really sure who I’ll spend this weekend with, or where I’ll go to be honest, but I really want to explore England. It’s actually an exceptionally beautiful country, and I want to see more of it!
  5. Get a job. I mean, I already have a job, but I mean a graduate job. I want to work in music administration or marketing, and I’m going to fight until I get there!
  6. Go on a date. I’ve been in long term relationships with people who were my best friend first that I’ve never actually been on a traditional date, where you don’t know the person you’re going to see. Eek!
  7. Record a YouTube cover. I used to cover songs when I was 15ish, and I really want it to be part of my YouTube channel once more. So, this is my year!
  8. Try cooking something new every fortnight. I really love cooking, and so I want to experiment with my recipes and try something new every other week!
  9. Finish a piece of artwork. I did Art A-Level, and I sketch little things all the time. But I really want to paint or make or something a bit piece of artwork. I actually really love doing art.
  10. Dye my hair. I already have, because it’s sort of dip dyed/ombred from light brown to blonde. But I really want to do something else with my hair. I’ve loved having a new hair colour last year, and it’s time for a change… again.

What are your goals or what is on your bucket list this year?

Katie x

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