365 Blog Posts | One For Everyday of the Year

365 Blog Posts For Every Niche | One For Everyday of the Year
365 Blog Posts For Every Niche | One For Everyday of the Year

I thought I would set myself a challenge. So, here we go.

January Blog Posts

  1. New Years Resolutions
  2. Blogging Goals
  3. How to ‘gym’ without going to the gym
  4. January Sales Tips
  5. xx daily habits to pick up in 2017
  6. January Favourites
  7. 2017 Bucket List

February Blog Posts (Valentines Day)

  1. Valentines Day Date Ideas
  2. DIY Gift Ideas of Valentines
  3. Valentines Date Makeup
  4. February Favourites
  5. New Year Resolution Update

March Blog Posts (start of Spring in UK 20th March)

  1. Spring Essentials
  2. Spring Daily Makeup Routine
  3. How I mix up my skincare for Spring
  4. March Favourites
  5. Favourite Pastel Nail Polishes (come on they just scream Spring)
  6. How to Organise Your Makeup Collection
  7. How to Organise Your Wardrobe
  8. Spring Cleaning Tips
  9. Spring Cleaning Before & After
  10. Spring Cleaning Essentials
  11. Jewellery Cleaning & Storage Tips
  12. Learning to Declutter Your Life

April (Easter)

  1. Easter Recipes
  2. Alternative Presents to Chocolate Eggs
  3. DIY Chocolate Gifts
  4. DIY Easter Decorations
  5. Nail Polish picks for Easter
  6. April Favourites
  7. Transitional Fashion Pieces

May (Exams)

  1. Revision Tips
  2. Revision Essentials
  3. How to Unwind During Exam Weeks
  4. Pre-Exam Morning Routine
  5. May Favourites

June/July (Beginning of Summer in UK 21st June/Summer Holidays)

  1. Summer Holiday Bucket List
  2. Holiday Diary
  3. Summer Essentials
  4. Summer Whats In My Bag
  5. How To Protect Your Skin Against the Sun
  6. How to Get SPF Into Your Skincare/Makeup Routine
  7. Summer Fashion Essentials
  8. Summer Nail Options
  9. Summer Makeup Routine
  10. Summer Morning Routine
  11. Summer Evening Routine
  12. June Favourites
  13. What To Take On Your Carry On
  14. Top Tips To Stress Free Travelling
  15. Skin Savours For On The Plane
  16. Packing Tips
  17. Your Summer Holiday Packing List
  18. How To Get x Outfits From x Clothes
  19. Travel Friendly Makeup – Whether It Be The Packaging Or The Fact It’s Multi-Use
  20. What You Pack But Don’t Need
  21. Travel Bucket list
  22. How To Save Money While Travelling
  23. Things To Do In An All Inclusive Hotel
  24. Holiday Beauty Essentials
  25. How To Pack A Suitcase In 30 Minutes
  26. 5 Ways To Be A Tourist In Your Own Hometown
  27. How To Take The Best Holiday Photos
  28. Back Packing Vs. Suit Case
  29. Travel Guides
  30. Places To Visit In The UK (Or Whatever Country You Live In)
  31. Your Holiday Morning/Evening/Day Routine
  32. Countries You’ve Visited So Far
  33. How To Survive Long Haul Flights
  34. What To Wear To The Airport
  35. Favourite Travel Blogs
  36. Your Favourite Hotels
  37. Useful Travel Apps
  38. FAQs
  39. Share A Traditional Recipe From Somewhere You’ve Been
  40. Scariest Or Worst Experiences of Travelling
  41. What Kind Of Traveller Are You?
  42. July Favourites
  43. Waterproof Makeup Favourites
  44. How To Make A Tan Last Longer
  45. How to Update a Capsule Makeup Collection For Summer
  46. Quick Summer Hairstyles
  47. Festival Beauty Essentials
  48. Festival Fashion
  49. Feel Good Music For Summer
  50. How To Get The ‘Summer Ready’ Body
  51. Scents You Love During Summer
  52. Hayfever Proof Makeup
  53. Hand luggage Toiletries

August (Back to School Season)

  1. Stationery Haul
  2. How to Stay Organised This School Year
  3. Back To School Hairstyles
  4. Back To School Outfits (mainly for US)
  5. What’s In My School Bag
  6. Minimal Makeup For School
  7. Beauty Essentials For School
  8. August Favourites
  9. University Packing List
  10. My Guide To University Halls
  11. University Essentials
  12. How To Deal With Homesickness
  13. Pros and Cons of University
  14. My University Experience
  15. Ways To Save Money at University
  16. My Guide to Surviving High/Secondary School
  17. Dos and Donts of Interviews (Uni/Work)
  18. A Guide to Southampton University (or where ever you went)
  19. University Kitchen Checklist
  20. How to make the most of your time at University
  21. Guide to how to write essays

September (Beginning of Autumn in UK 22nd September)

  1. Autumn Room Decor Updates
  2. Autumn ‘Essentials’
  3. Autumn Every Day Makeup Routine
  4. Nail Polishes for Fall\Autumn
  5. New Fashion Pieces for the New Season
  6. Autumn Night Routine
  7. Autumn Skin Care Routine
  8. Autumn Candle Picks
  9. Ways To Style Scarves
  10. Autumn Boots Collection/Wishlist
  11. Autumn Bucket List
  12. Soup Recipes
  13. Autumn Reading List
  14. How To Take Blog Photos on Darker Days
  15. Autumn Look Books
  16. Autumn Hair Styles
  17. Autumn Bag Essentials
  18. Autumn Coats
  19. Transitional Fashion Pieces
  20. Ways To Improve Your Blog this Fall
  21. Girls Night In Ideas
  22. My Autumn Foundations
  23. Autumnal Photo Props
  24. September Favourites

October (Halloween & My Birthday Month)

  1. Pumpkin Recipes
  2. Films Perfect for Halloween
  3. Halloween Costume Ideas from Clothes We All Own.
  4. Halloween Recipes
  5. Halloween DIYs
  6. Halloween Nail Art
  7. Halloween Makeup Tutorial
  8. Favourite YouTube Halloween Tutorials
  9. October Favourites
  10. What I Got For My Birthday
  11. Birthday Wishlist
  12. ** Things I’ve Learnt In ** Years
  13. Photos From Every Birthday (or as many as possible, you can watch yourself grow up)
  14. Birthday Makeup
  15. Birthday OOTD
  16. Birthday Plans (what you’re planning on doing on your birthday)
  17. Birthday Gift Guide (like a wishlist, but more generic)
  18. Document Your Birthday in Photos
  19. Things Every ** Should Know
  20. Birthday Cake Recipe
  21. Birthday Decorations DIY
  22. Birthday Party Ideas
  23. Stories Of Your Previous Birthdays
  24. Your Favourite Presents

November (Winter officially starts in December.. but yeah..)

  1. Winter Essentials
  2. Winter Makeup Routine
  3. Winter Morning Routine
  4. Winter Evening Routine
  5. Advent Calendar Haul
  6. Advent Calendar Review
  7. November Favourites

December (Christmas)

  1. Christmas Jumper Wishlist
  2. Christmas Party Outfit Ideas
  3. Christmas Makeup
  4. Stocking Fillers
  5. Gift Guide for Her
  6. Gift Guide for Him
  7. Christmas Tag
  8. Ghost of Christmas Past – share some Christmas memories
  9. DIY Present Ideas
  10. Gingerbread Inspired Recipes
  11. Christmas Scented Candles
  12. Beauty Advent Calendar Roundup
  13. Festive Lip Choices
  14. Festive Nail Art
  15. Christmas Wishlist
  16. Top Christmas Films
  17. Soundtrack to Your Christmas
  18. DIY Christmas Decorations
  19. Christmas Decoration Haul
  20. Festive Room Tour
  21. What Christmas Means To You
  22. Festive Pamper Routine
  23. Christmas LUSH Haul
  24. How To Theme A Festive Instagram
  25. Guide To Christmas Shopping
  26. Favourite Christmas Jewellery
  27. Mince Pie Recipe
  28. 10 Ways To Get Excited For Christmas
  29. What I got For Christmas 2017
  30. Final Goodbye to 2017
  31. 2017 Makeup Favourites

Generic Blog Posts

  1. Currently Burning – candles
  2. Reverse Bucket List – things I have achieved so far
  3. My Blogging Routine
  4. Top 10 under £10
  5. Home Nail Manicure
  6. Products I Hope NEVER To Be Discontinued
  7. Nail Polish Collection
  8. How My Makeup Style Has Changed Over The Last Few Years
  9. Best Nude Lipsticks
  10. Best Red Lipsticks
  11. Best Pink Lipsticks
  12. Best Bold Lipsticks
  13. How To Wear Bold Lipsticks
  14. How To Blog On A Budget
  15. How To Make Time For Exercise
  16. Current Playlist
  17. Currently Reading
  18. Favourite Films (Of All Time)
  19. Favourite Childhood Memories
  20. Letter To Younger Self/Dealing With Depression – wish me luck for this one….
  21. Recreating Makeup Looks From *Insert TV Series*
  22. Evening Skincare Routine
  23. TV Shows to Binge Watch
  24. 5 Staple Makeup Products
  25. How To Gain Instagram Followers
  26. High End Vs. High Street (Makeup, Bags, Clothing, etc.)
  27. 5 Staples in Your Wardrobe
  28. Half High End, Half Drugstore Look
  29. High End Dupes
  30. Spending Ban Challenge
  31. Monthly Goals
  32. Write About Your First (Kiss, Makeup, Experience… anything)
  33. Curate Your Most Popular Blog Posts
  34. Favourite (Undiscovered) YouTube Stars
  35. Skincare Collection
  36. Bedroom Snippets/Room Tour
  37. Cruelty Free Makeup
  38. 5 Must Tries by Maybelline/Rimmel/Mac/etc.
  39. 5 Ways to Dress
  40. Makeup Habits You Need to Get Into
  41. Makeup Brush Collection/Must Haves
  42. Home Spa/Products for Pampering
  43. Currently Loving
  44. How to Wear the Same Item 5 Ways
  45. Your Blogging Process
  46. Pinterest Dream House/Desk/Wardobe/Makeup/Anything
  47. Why I Started Blogging
  48. Your Dream Capsule Wardrobe (almost like a wishlist)
  49. Products You Always Have to Replace
  50. Interview a Blogger
  51. Most Used ____
  52. How to Get Ready in 10 Mins
  53. How to Overcome Writers Block
  54. How to Theme Your Instagram
  55. Things I Wish I Knew Earlier
  56. Quick, Easy Breakfast Ideas
  57. Date Night Ideas
  58. Things To Do For Free
  59. Then and Now Pictures
  60. Your Hair History
  61. 5 Makeup Looks for Brown Eyes (or whatever colour eyes you have)
  62. How to Find the Perfect Foundations
  63. Guide to Mascaras
  64. How to Find a Skincare Routine to Stick With
  65. Beauty Crimes
  66. Top 10 Nostalgic Childhood Memories
  67. Top 10 Songs of All Time
  68. Who Have Been the Biggest Influences on Your Life
  69. How Would You Improve Your Skincare Routine?
  70. Dress For Your Body Type
  71. Tips to Organising Your Wardrobe
  72. If You Could Live Anywhere in the World, Where? Why?
  73. Fragrance Collection
  74. Review a New Beauty Range
  75. Favourites From a Brand
  76. Cruelty Free Favourites
  77. Blogging Goals
  78. Blogging Story
  79. How You Edit Your Blog Posts
  80. How To Make Your Makeup Last All Night
  81. Go To Makeup Products
  82. How to Wear Glamorous Makeup Everyday
  83. Classic Smokey Eye Look
  84. Day To Night Makeup Routine
  85. How To Apply False Lashes
  86. How To Wear Glitter and Look Sophisticated
  87. Go To Hairstyles
  88. Essential Hair Products
  89. How to Style….
  90. Makeup Collection
  91. Favourite Foundations
  92. Full Face of Makeup for £x
  93. Jewellery Collection
  94. Favourite Candles
  95. Recipes
  96. Afternoon Tea Recipes
  97. Gift Giving on a Budget
  98. Empties
  99. Makeup Tutorial
  100. What I Eat in a Day
  101. What I Eat in a Week
  102. Favourite Restaurants
  103. Testing Pinterest Hacks
  104. Some of Your First Makeup Products
  105. Beauty Hacks
  106. Product Review
  107. Beauty Wishlist
  108. Subscription Box Review/Unboxing
  109. Haul
  110. Overhyped Products
  111. Products Worth the Hype
  112. Products You Dislike
  113. Pamper Evening Essentials
  114. GRWM
  115. OOTD
  116. MOTD
  117. Bedside Beauty
  118. Best Beauty Advice You’ve Been Given
  119. Q&A
  120. FAQ
  121. How Much Is My Face Worth
  122. Favourite Bloggers
  123. Favourites YouTubers
  124. High/Low End Makeup Starter Kit
  125. My Perfect Mac Palette
  126. Favourite Makeup Books
  127. Makeup Tips for Beginners
  128. What’s In My Bag
  129. What’s In My Makeup Bag
  130. Feature Content of Someone Else’s Makeup Bag
  131. Makeup Storage Ideas
  132. Shop My Stash
  133. Top 10 Nail Polishes/Eyeshadows/Lipsticks etc.
  134. Lipstick Collection
  135. Go To Accessories
  136. Shoe Collection
  137. Bag Collection
  138. Wardrobe Essentials
  139. Budget Outfit Post
  140. Full Outfit for £50
  141. What Trends (Fashion/Makeup) Do You Love/Hate
  142. Wardrobe Tour
  143. Look Book
  144. Workout Playlist
  145. Desk Essentials
  146. Diary Set Up
  147. Realistic Morning/Evening Routine
  148. Facts About Yourself
  149. Pictures for Every Hour In The Day
  150. 5 things that make me happy right now
  151. My First Time Tag
  152. TMI Tag
  153. Boyfriend Tag
  154. Link Roundup (helpful tips)/Blogging Resources
  155. Favourite Instagram Accounts
  156. Where I find Inspiration
  157. Lessons I’ve learnt through blogging
  158. Photography Tips
  159. Roundup of your favourite blog posts
  160. Host a giveaway
  161. How To start a blog in 7 days
  162. How to organise your blog
  163. Host your own 30 day challenge/complete another
  164. How do you edit your videos
  165. Free Blogging Resources (images, fonts, planners, etc.)
  166. How to make the most out of social media
  167. Mythbusters: Blogger Edition
  168. Invite someone to do a guest post
  169. Photo props

Actually can’t believe I did it! Enjoy, and I hope this helped somehow!

Katie x

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