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Review Lottie Cosmetics
Review Lottie Cosmetics

Lottie London are that brand I go to for Nail Polishes, and recognise for their bright coloured makeup brushes, but basically ignore for everything else. However, recently they announced basically an entire range of makeup, and so I thought ‘I have to try it’… because I’m cool like that. So, these are my initial thoughts on their new range.

Review Lottie Cosmetics Selfie Ready Foundation

Selfie Ready Foundation

Foundations are that one category I’m really picky about, literally it takes me a long time to find one I really like. And, I have to say, this will not be joining the list. It feels great on the skin; lightweight, easy to wear, comfortable. However, it looks horrible, it settles into every line on your face, and oxidises into a wonderfully orange shade. But, I really do love the packaging.

Review Lottie Cosmetics Arch Rival Volumising Brow

Arch Rival Volumising Eyebrow Powder

This is a really weird concept, the ‘brush’ is a sort of rock hard sponge thing (literally no other way to describe it), and you dip it into the tube which is filled with brow powder. The powder itself is beautiful; natural, great colour match, perfect for filling in your brows. I’m more of a pencil person myself, because I like the create the effect of brow hairs, however, if you have more sparse areas that need filling in, this would be great!

Review Lottie Cosmetics Mermaid Glow Highlighter

Mermail Glow Highlighter

This just looked beautiful… I mean look at it, it’s soo cool.  However, it makes you look a little sick when you put it on your face. If you swirl all the colours together it comes out a weird green colour (see the left swatch below), although it is actually a really shimmery shade… just not for me.. but it does look awesome!

Review Lottie Cosmetics Swatches

Blush Crush

I cant actually find the shade for this… however, it’s a really beautiful colour. It’s pigmented, but blends out really nicely. I love the packaging; it’s sort of simple and cute, and this (along with the lipstick) is by far my favourites!

Slay All Day Liquid Lipstick

This is the highlight from the collection. It’s pigmented, super easy to apply, a lovely every day nude colour, comfortable on the lips, not too drying, and the packaging follows the blush; simple, and cute.

Review Lottie Cosmetics Eyeshadow Palette

Ready Set Go Powder

This is a loose translucent powder, not too heavy or powdery on the skin, and I actually like it. Then again, powder is one of those things I don’t think go that wrong all too often.

Review Lottie Cosmetics Eyeshadow Palette

Lottie Shadow Swatch in Rose Golds & The Nudes

The shades in these palettes are nothing revolutionary; they’re everyday, wearable nudes, that I actually really like. The pigment is actually really good and they blend well. The packaging looks a bit like the sort of eyeshadows you got out of Shout when you were 7, but we can look past that. The only downside of these palettes are that they are super crumbly. I don’t mean a bit, I mean a heck of a lot. When using these eyeshadows, do your eye makeup before you foundation, because they go everywhere. But, I guess, if you’re happy to look past that, then they are beautiful eyeshadows.

Review Lottie Cosmetics Eyeshadow Palette Swatches

I feel like I’ve been really negative in this blog post, but with all of these products coming in at under £10 each, they’re super affordable. And, I have to say, while Lottie London make exceptional nail polishes in the most unusual colours, their makeup range something to the imagination. Everything’s a little safe and a bit meh. My recommendations? Definitely the blush and the liquid lipsticks, and if you like those sort of things, the brow product. To avoid? The highlighter, and the foundation.

But, have you tried these products? If so, what do you think?

Katie x

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