Where do you Find Blog Inspiration?

Where I Find Blog Post Inspiration

We’ve all been in that place where we literally have no idea what to write and we’re panicking that we’re going to have to hang up the hat and give up blogging forever… ok, I’m over exaggerating, but you get the idea. When I have days like this, I turn to a number of places for a little bit of blog post inspiration.

Firstly, I plan my blog posts a few weeks in advance, so when I’m having a complete slump I have a few weeks to catch up and get some inspiration. So, if you’re one to sometimes run out of ideas (don’t worry, we’ve all been there), then plan in advance… but now we’ll get into the blog post…

My Favourite Blogs

I follow a lot of blogs and reading through their blog posts, be it old or new, and before you know it you will have loads of blog post ideas and inspiration. Just make sure not to completely copy them, because you need to have your own style and unique ideas are what gets you noticed. However, sometimes I see products they’re mentioning or events they’re talking about that remind me of something I’ve been loving or wanting to talk about but completely forgot!


You can use whatever blog following platform you like (the WordPress Reader is pretty cool as well), but I use Bloglovin’. On Bloglovin’ I love to go on the ‘beauty’ group and looking through all the posts on there. It’s great sometimes to look through a number of blogs you don’t follow, because they’ll have a different output of blog posts!


I feel like magazines are often overlooked, but I love them. Flicking through magazines are amazing and they often have some amazing articles that spark something in my imagination when I’m having a dull day. Plus, who doesn’t love magazines. I would recommend the free ones you can get in Boots and Superdrug and then Glamour (which is £2), but you can read my guide to magazines here!

Blog Post Idea Posts

These have been a live saver for me more than once! Its less inspiration, more a literal blog post idea. You don’t have to worry about copying people, because blogger post these with the idea that they help people out! I have a post of 200 blog posts (yes 200?!?!?!) here. I actually have the future intention of writing one of these at the beginning of the month with 30(ish) blog posts on there to help myself out (let alone other people)! I always save blog post idea posts on my BlogLovin’ profile…so…


I know YouTube is theoretically a video sharing website, and so isn’t a blogging website. However, there are countless beauty gurus over there, and they come out with content every second! So, you can find just as much content over there as you can over here. Plus, I have my own YouTube channel now! It’s very new, but it would mean the world if you went and checked it out – link is at the bottom of the page.

Your Makeup Collection

I know makeup is expensive, and it can be so easy to go to Boots/Superdrug or whatever store is near you and spend money you don’t have on stuff you don’t need purely to find inspiration for your blog! However, it will be more beneficial to your readers, and for your bank, to talk about products you have tried and tested! Sometimes I find sitting by your makeup collection for a few minutes, or even an hour, and just looking through everything you own and what you loved/hated with a notebook and a pen will be invaluable. This has always helped me out.

If In Doubt, Go Shopping

I always try to leave this as a last resort… it isn’t something I would encourage, but if you are completely stumped, then go shopping. Going out and buying some new stuff, or just seeing some new items in the store will inspire something – even if it’s just a haul…

I hope you enjoyed reading this and found it helpful. Sorry for all the cheeky plugs for previous blog posts, and my YouTube channel, I just felt like I had personal examples!

Katie x

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  1. Great tips – I find I get the most inspiration simply from reading other blogs. Sometimes if I don’t feel any inspiration to write I just read instead 🙂

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