What I’ve Learnt About Myself While Blogging

I’ve been blogging on and off for 6 years. In that time I’ve graduated, worked in PR and then moved to Marketing, moved out of home, met significant others, had my heart broken, and lived through a global pandemic! And a lot of the things I’ve learnt have been due to each and every one of those. But I’ve also learnt SO much about myself and so many new skills because of my blog! And it’s one of the things I’ve always loved about this little space of mine on the internet!

Yes, I would love to say I’ve made loads of money from it (pft!), but it’s still a hobby… and I wouldn’t give up for the world! I’ve seen a few posts like this floating around the internet, and thought I’d let you know the biggest things I learnt about myself while writing on this little corner of the internet!

I Get Burnout

I mean it’s no secret that I suffered from this BAD! And ended up giving up my blog for about 2 years… but it’s something I’d never really experienced before that point. As much as school gets tiring, there was always a summer holiday! And I’ve since had burnout at work (I full on cried in front of my boss.. it was a thing!) and learnt the signs and how to deal with it. But I don’t think I’d have ever learnt how to manage it properly without this blog.

It’s OK To Take A Break

Following on from the past point, I’ve learnt it’s really OK to take a break! While I wouldn’t say a 2 year break is necessarily a good idea… a week off here or there will do you the world of good! And you should totally apply this to all elements of your life; from work, to hobbies to everything inbetween! Look after yourself!

How To Social Media

This is a funny one, and I wasn’t 100% sure whether to include it… especially as my role in the company I work for is like 50% organic and paid social media! But, I have learnt so much about social media from my blogging channels! Things I didn’t even learn via work! From how to make reels, to how #s work, to ways to increase engagement! So many of these tips I would never have known if it wasn’t for this blog! And while I may have come across them in some roundabout way through work, I feel like trying to grow a channel with <10k followers, versus a company with a combined following of like 150k… it’s a completely different skillset!

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How To Edit Photos / Videos / Graphics / You Name It

I have always been a keen photographer, and so had a decent knowledge of shutter speeds and F numbers and the like before embarking on this journey! But something I’d never done before starting this blog is editing! From touching up photos, to editing YouTube videos, to creating thumbnails and Pinterest Pins… it’s just amazing to see how much I can now do!

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I’m F**king Hardworking!

I mean I know I’ve always been hardworking, I was that person at school who’d do the extra work on top of the homework (yes, I know a NERD)… but a blog takes work. A lot of work! And just seeing the time and effort I’ve put into this community is amazing! Also… excuse my French!

Organisation is Key!

There is NO WAY I could keep this blog up alongside a full time job without organisation! Whether it’s a notebook, speadsheet, notes on your phone… whatever it is! I’ve learnt how to organise myself in a whole new way!

I LOVE Makeup!

It’s mental to think I started this blog to document my journey in makeup! I hadn’t worn anything more than lip gloss till I was 19… and I started my blog when I was nearly 20 to document my new found love of makeup and all the products I was using as a complete beginner! And now here I am knowing what a cut crease is and graphic liner… it’s just mental!


While there are a lot of technical things I’ve learnt while doing this job, I really feel like SEO is the biggest thing ever! From on page SEO, to making sure your web pages are loading as fast as they can, to checking links… it’s completely nuts to me to think how little I knew about this 6 years ago!

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I think I could write an entire novel on all the things my blog has taught me, but I think I’ll leave it there!

Let me know in the comments what your blog has taught you!

Katie x

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61 thoughts on “What I’ve Learnt About Myself While Blogging

  1. You’ve learnt so many valuable things which is great. I definitely agree that taking a break is important. There are so many tools than mean your blog can still run quietly in the background whilst your having time off.

  2. I can appreciate some of these points, I’ve learnt some of these myself throughout my blogging journey. Like yourself SEO has been a big one for me, I’ve also struggled with burnout at some points too x

  3. So true! I also learned these things from blogging. I also learned that networking and making friends with those who have the same passion and dreams are important to become a successful blogger.

  4. Love how honestly you mentioned all those points. My blog is one year old and already loving all the things my blog will help me achieve.

  5. I can relate— totally!
    First of all, blogging is overwhelming no matter what. So, taking a break is not a mistake, I myself took a break for almost a year and I was about to give it up but, I realize that blogging is my space like my own little world. So, I’m still here.

    Secondly, I agree with you, you learn a lot from blogging! Things that you didn’t learn from school. And like you, the biggest thing that (I think) learned from blogging is SEO!

    By the way, I salute you for keeping up your work along side with blogging and YouTube. Dang! You’re a busy girl!

  6. So many great things to have learnt! I love that blogging teaches me lots of new skills that I can hopefully use in the future ๐Ÿ™‚ x

  7. I feel like the concept of burnout is one that hits almost every blogger early in their journey to success. We often recognize that it exists, however, it’s easy to brush it off as something that’s very real for everyone else but it would ‘never impact me’. However, it’s a VERY real concern that is far too common among those working from home fulltime (especially those that own their own business). It become difficult to define the line between personal and work.

  8. This is a great post, Katie. It makes me think of all the things I still need to learn. I keep a backlog of posts saved, so there shouldn’t be an interruption for my followers if I ever need to take a break from blogging for a while. I still need to work on design, social media, and SEO.

  9. You’ve learned so many great things!
    I’ve been blogging for almost 5 years & I completely agree it’s okay to take break. I’ve had to take a break before for a few months because I had A LOT going on, but then I came back ready to blog again.
    I also didn’t really start getting into makeup until I was in college, but now I love it!

  10. I totally agree with so many of these. I don’t think you ever realise how much blogging teaches you about other aspects of the digital world. My degree taught me some stuff about SEO and WordPress, but I knew absolutely nothing about photography/ editing before I started x

  11. I agree with all of these! Blogging’s definitely taught me a lot about social media, editing and content proofing, and how to organise my time better! Still trying to get the hang of SEO but I’m getting there! x

    Em – earthlyem.co.uk

  12. Blogging is a handy practice to grow or expand on a whole set of skills. For me, it is learning and loving it at the same time, which is more than I can say for other areas of study! Love that you share the ways blogging has helped you grow and even improve upon skills you already have. ๐Ÿ™‚

  13. I still haven’t learned anything about SEO to be honest, I think I need to do some more research into it, I just can’t get my head around a lot of the technical stuff! I have definitely learned that you can get burnout and feel super uninspired sometimes so having a break is super important xx


  14. Wonderful post! Youโ€™ve learned so much!! We are starting to learn lots too and itโ€™s exciting!

  15. It sounds like youโ€™ve learned quite a lot over the past 6 years! This article screams passion and I enjoyed ready it immensely for that reason – thank you for sharing your experiences.

  16. More power to you in all thay you have learned over these past 6 years. I only started blogging July of last year and some of which you mention I can definitely relate to. I am still working on building my SEO skillset and taking breaks and being okay with that is okay!

    Wishing nothing but greatness for you as you continue your journey.

    Thanks for sharing.

  17. It must be so crazy to look back at your 6 years and see all the things youโ€™ve done! Both related and non related to blogging.. I definitely feel the photo editing one and I must admit I had a little giggle at the last tip! Dreaded words for any blogger lol


  18. This is such a nice post! I’ve picked up so many little yet useful skills while blogging. SEO is still over my head though but I’m trying my best to master that one. Almost 10 years of blogging but it’s still confusing to me haha! Love this post so much! xx

  19. this was just an interesting read! and as a fellow blogger – i feel like we all aren’t just writers. as you talked about, we harvest a number of skills & hobbies about ourselves. i’ve learned so much about marketing and social media just from this short period of time of blogging. we are truly super heros with countless skills ๐Ÿ™‚

  20. This rings so true for me. Specially the first two points. I’ve just recently taken a much needed break – not because blogging was wearing me out but because so much is happening in my life right now I didn’t have any more “emotional space” left to do anything else. I’m getting back into it, finally. This is a very fun hobby ๐Ÿ™‚

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