February Favourites & Project 10 Pan Update


Continuing on my new monthly favourite structure, I’m here with my February favourites. Where we talk through my product and lifestyle favourites, a blog stat update and a project 10 pan roundup (one of my fav projects at the moment)! I really hope you guys are enjoying this format (at least you seem to enjoyed January’s) and I’m hoping it’ll give me a space to look back at the year when this is all over±

Anywho, let’s just get on with it!

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February Favourites

Vampire Diaries & True Blood

I’m pairing these together because they’re both vampire and super natural creature related, but realistically they couldn’t be more different. Vampire Diaries feels like the comforting teenage version (as much as you’ll cry like 4 times each season) and True Blood is the rough, totally only adult appropriate older sister! I’m currently rewatching VD on Netflix and TB on Now TV and am thoroughly enjoying both of them! Both of them have slightly nuts plot lines, but I’ve been really enjoying watching them this month!


Potentially slightly a loser thing to say, but I’ve really been enjoying cooking this month! These TESCO recipe cards are such a fun way to try out a recipe completely out of your comfort zone and Alex and I have now found a new favourite lunch rice wrap dish (which we invented using one of the recipes in this card as inspo). I tend to cook very British food (think cottage pie, and roasts and stew) and I’ve really enjoyed this month trying some new recipes and some new bakes, and can’t wait to start sharing a few recipes with you every month!

HUDA Beauty Desert Dusk Palette

So this was featured in my top 10 eyeshadow palettes of all time, and of course is outside of my project 10 pan, so it’s slightly nuts that I have it in my monthly favourites… HOWEVER, the pairing of the two purple shades Amethyst and Twilight are just GORGEOUS on the lids… in fact Twilight is just one of the most stunning shades ever! And while I use my project 10 pan palettes a lot, I do like to rotate other palettes in there, and I’ve reached for this quite a few times over the last month.

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e.l.f. 16hr Camo Concealer Fair Warm

I feel like this is such a marmite concealer, but I fall on the side of ‘love it’! It’s a really high coverage, and slightly too heavy concealer, and so you only need a teeny tiny bit! But if you get the amount of it down, it’s a really lovely concealer! It has such high coverage, like insanely high coverage, and it lasts a really long time! And if you only apply a little (and don’t apply too much) it looks beautiful on the skin!

Function of Beauty Haircare

I wrote a review of this on my blog recently, so if you read that you’ll know I seriously hate how much I love this shampoo and conditioner! It’s really transformed my hair… it’s never looked less brassy, more healthy and now I only have to wash my hair every 3 days(!?) which is a little nuts for me. You’ll see I’ve not used a massive amount in the bottle, but it’s been in my shower and been my only shampoo and conditioner now for about a month and I kind of don’t want to go back to ‘normal’ ones!

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Algenist Alive Prebiotic Mask

If you follow me on Instagram you’ll know I’ve recently become OBSESSED with this face mask… like next level obsessed! You apply this weirdly moussy texture onto your skin, and then it goes pink as it reacts with the warmth of your skin, leave it on for 5-10 mins and then wash off. And I cannot tell you how soft and radiant my skin looks! I had a reaction last month to a vitamin c serum and this really helped clear it up in rapid speed! Just love this so much and I can’t wait to continue using this for many months to come!

Blogging Update

February was another incredible month on my blog! I’ve continued with my new found passion, spent a good portion of the month starting to sort and archive old blog posts so that SEO is working it’s hardest and everything works with my current blog theme! And again I think it came through in my content and so across in my views and engagement. Though, as someone who’s been in and out of this game for a long time, I thought I’d share with you my realistic, honest and to some people dreadful and to others amazing results that I achieved over the month of February.

Blog Views: 4,248

Instagram Following : +1,595 over February, meaning my following at the end of the month was 1,354 (slightly slower month as I focused heavily on my blog!)

Total social & blog following: 10,961, up from 9,159

Most popular blog post: My Top 10 Eyeshadow Palettes! The Ones You Need To Buy & 5 Bloggers I’m Loving Right Now

Most popular ‘old’ blog post: Are They Worth The Hype? | The Elf Bite-Size Eyeshadows & New | Collection Lasting Perfection Concealer

PR Received: 1 coffee scrub, 1 hair serum, 1 fragrance and a few others where conversations are still going on (and I said no to a lot of others!)

Newsletters sent: 1 (hoping to average 2 a month!)

Project 10 Pan Update

As you can see, I’ve made some pretty good progress this month on quite a few products! My primer continues to use itself up, my Soap & Glory One Heck of Blot powder’s pan is getting bigger and bigger and I’ve hit TWO pans on my HUDA Beauty palette! Also, somehow I’ve used up 7g of my foundation (which is a little nuts, but there is noticeably less product in there). Also, while subtle, I feel like I’ve got a really good use out of my two lipsticks. But I’m really hoping I can actually finish something soon!

Am I enjoying it? Mostly. It’s certainly making me more likely to wear makeup on the daily. And I actually don’t use my project 10 pan products EVERY day, as I still want to love and use what’s in my collection already, but I feel like I’ve got my base down, and I’m excited for the next products I want to pull into my Project 10 pan when I’ve finished some of these up.

But all in all I really hope you enjoyed my content this month and I can’t wait to create more content for you over March (omg it’s March isn’t that nuts)! And here’s to hoping the unlocking of lockdown in the UK goes to plan!

Katie x

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51 thoughts on “February Favourites & Project 10 Pan Update

  1. The Algenist Alive Prebiotic Mask you shared looks very interesting. I was looking for something to have soft and radiant skin. Will check out this product. I always wanted to watch Vampire Diaries but somehow I always forget and miss out doing so. Please do share the reviews.

  2. You’re doing amazing, loved reading all of your stats and how well you’re doing. You have awesome things in your Feb faves! Such a gorgeous post 🙂 Go you with the newsletter goal too! Love Amy at amymarshment.com

  3. You did a great job sharing your favorites from the past month here! I loved hearing about the project pan updates and seeing how well your blog is performing. That’s excellent! Can’t wait to hear about March too 🙂

  4. I really am loving this series you’ve started doing!! Its my fave type of content to read as I find you can really get to know someone. Keep it up!!


  5. I’m loving this post so much!! I’m such a slacker when it comes to updating my project pan. It’s been months omg haha! Look forward to these kind of posts xx

  6. I LOVE TVD so much and I’m so happy it’s back on Netflix. Also really want to watch The Originals spin off when I have time. Congrats on your blog views and everything else last month – SEO is a long game but worth it! x

  7. I shall do the same, empty some products before I excitedly start hording new ones. Tracking the progress is such a great motivation!


    1. I tried to pick either favs that I’ll enjoy using daily, or products I just need to get out my collection because they’ve been there a while! Really enjoying it! x

  8. Congrats on the stats! I love seeing the breakdown in numbers. Also, great project pan progress! It’s so satisfying to see a big difference from picture to picture.

  9. What a lovely round up! The shampoo and conditioner sounds so amazing, I’d love to try it – and congrats on growing your Insta and blog views this month x

  10. Ooh it is always great to see people making progress with their project pan! I am big on finishing products. Might as well make the most out of the things you buy – unless you’re allergic to it. Congratulations on your stats for February!! Great job!

    Nancy ✨ mdrnminimalists.com

  11. Cooking isn’t a loser thing to say & I love cooking too & trying out new recipes! This post is also a good reminder I need to try out Function of Beauty!
    That’s great your following has gone up & you’ve made some good progress on your project 10 pan!

    1. Awww thanks! And yeah I’ve really been enjoying trying new recipes this last month! I think I want to pick up an actual recipe book and work my way through it! x

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