New | Barry M Holographic Lip Topper

Barry M Holographic Lip Topper Review
Barry M Holographic Lip Topper Review

Barry M are all over the festival and glitter hype at the moment with a million and one different items that will get you through the festival season. Seriously, if you’re looking for a festival makeup look, look no further that your Barry M stand in your local Boots/Superdrug! And, next to their line of festival inspired makeup is their Holographic Lip Toppers.

These are only £4.99 each and come in 4 shades: Wizard (blue), Hex (purple), Mermaid (pink) and Spellbound (white).

Barry M Holographic Lip Topper Review

These are basically iridescent lip glosses that you apply over the top of lipsticks. They have very little, if no, base colour, pretty much all the colour in the tube comes from the glitter in the lip product. Like a lip gloss, they have that slightly sticky and slippery texture that dries down after about an hour. They are shimmery, but I have to say you can get away with Mermaid and possibly Spellbound for a more ‘everyday’ glam. The best thing about them? You can’t feel the grit of the glitter, the glitter is so finely milled it doesn’t feel like you’ve accidentally left lip scrub on your lips, for then they definitely get a thumbs up.

Their lasting power is ok, as you would expect from a lip gloss texture, they do fade after a few hours and leave behind just a few flecks of glitter. However, because they’re not a super opaque colour and they provide an extra layer (so to speak) to your lip product, they’re super easy to apply and so I feel like it doesn’t really matter.

Barry M Holographic Lip Topper Review

Overall, they’re really not bad. They help transform lip products you already own, and you have both wacky colours (Wizard and Hex) and more everyday colours (Mermaid and Spellbound) and they do feel super comfortable on the lips, which does make a difference.

Have you tried these? If so, what were your thoughts?

Katie x

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