5 Products I’m Trying To Pan

Project Pan - Panning Using Up Makeup Products

So you may or may not know, but I’m sort of on a spending ban. And I say that in the loosest way possible, because I still will buy things (remember that Boots haul a few weeks back?), but I’m just trying to not buy unnecessarily. Not only am I moving some point in the next few months, and I can’t see the point in lugging a mountain of pointless stuff across London for the pure sake of appealing my shopping needs. But, this pandemic has really showed me that you don’t need a million possessions to be happy. I lived with my boyfriend for 2 months with a small suitcase of clothes and one makeup bag. And yes, I was barely leaving the house, so it wasn’t like I needed much. But it’s not like I needed much more either.

And that gets us to today. So with this whole ‘spending ban’ (in quotation marks), it means I’m really starting to use up some of the makeup in my collection. I’m really noticing my empties posts have more makeup in than they ever had.

So today I’ve selected 5 products I’m really aiming to use up. Not because I don’t like them anymore (more the opposite in fact), but because they’ve all been in my collection for a while, and I need the little kick up the backside to really finish them off.

While I’m allowed to use other products (‘m not in some sort of weird makeup prison), these are the ones you’ll see a lot over the next few weeks/months

Project Pan - Panning Using Up Makeup Products

Sleek Solstice Palette

Or more specifically one shade in the Sleek Solstice Palette. Who remembers when this was all the rage? I feel like it was one of the first blinding highlights to come out on the scene, and I honestly believe it’s stood the test of time. My only issue with it, is I literally only use one shade. One. And so I kinda want to finish it, and try something else (thinking an Ofra highlighter, but let me know your thoughts)

NYX 3 Steps to Sculpt Palette

Another palette where I’m only trying to use up one of the shades. But, in my defence, Ive pretty much used up the powder and now it’s hit hard pan (where I now can’t get any more product off of it). However, the bronzer is still stunning! And I’m in the process of working my way through it. I’ll probably pick this up at some point, it was a great little duo (let’s not talk about the highlighter…)

Project Pan - Panning Using Up Makeup Products

CYO Lifeproof Foundation

I feel like this was one of those forgotten gems in my collection. With me trying so many new products all the time, I would only remember those products I loved that I’d tried most recently, and this one was left gathering dust (weirdly feel sorry for it now!). However, this foundation is actually amazing. A beautiful medium coverage foundation that doesn’t look cakey, applies like a dream, matches me perfectly and wears really well! This product seriously needs some love.

L’Oreal Infaillible Concealer

You know those products you use again and again and again, and it just never seems to finish. Yup, this is one of those. It’s actually a really nice concealer, and definitely one I’d keep in my collection. But damn, do you get a lot of product in it! I feel like every day I reach into it, expecting to get no product out, and it just keeps going (‘just keep swimming, just keep swimming). And so, while I don’t really need to tell someone to tell me to use this. It’s still a product I’m trying to use up.

Project Pan - Panning Using Up Makeup Products

Mac Velvet Teddy

To be fair, you’ve been seeing this over my blog constantly for a while now. But I actually haven’t used it up yet. Yes, I know. Mental! There’s something about a Mac lipstick that you just go back to time and time again. And this one is a classic. I’ve just had it a while now, and so it’s time to get round to using the damn thing up.

And there you go. While there’s still many more products in my collection I’m trying to work my way through, I felt like not only was 5 a good round number to start with, but these were probably the most interesting products I’m trying to use up.

What products are you trying to hit pan on?

Katie x 

8 thoughts on “5 Products I’m Trying To Pan

  1. I just got that Sleek palette this year (during a massive sale) and the shades totally surprised me. I even like the cream! I’m guessing you’re panning the bottom left, right? It’s the most versatile, I feel.

  2. I have yet to try a Mac lipstick; I FINALLY picked up a few of their cult favorite lip liners and LOVE them so I need to just bite the bullet and try out a couple of lippies! Also, I love that concealer; it’s definitely one of my go-to’s, especially from the drugstore! 💗

  3. I have a shade of that L’oreal concealer and its really nice – a little goes a long way! I’m trying to finish up a few face primers and I’ve got a face moisturiser I am almost done with x

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