Why I Don’t Get Beauty Subscription Boxes Anymore

Why I Don't Get Beauty Subscription Boxes Anymore

Remember I was talking about not spending pointless money? Yeah, that’s sort of where I felt like I was going with Beauty Subscription Boxes. Once upon a time, many moons ago, I was signed up to Glossybox, Birchbox AND Look Fantastic. And while it was actually a lot of fun getting a load of products every month to try out… when you considered I was spending nearly £50 a month on them, was it worth it? Honestly? No

And I’m not bashing them, they’re a great idea. And as a present of a little treat, wonderful! And to be honest, I feel like the US has even better ones. But I thought I’d stamp my thoughts on them, and let you know my thoughts on beauty subscription boxes

They’re All Minis

Now I feel like this is a little dramatic a statement. But it’s at least what it felt like, my flat was piling up with minis left right and centre. And while some (Birchbox) were worse for it than others, it sometimes felt like one of your five products was one of those ‘free’ samples you always get as gift with purchase in most high end makeup stores. Which, I’m not going to lie, got on my nerves. And while minis come in handy here and there, as someone who’s not made of money, I only go on holiday once or twice a year… and I only have one face!

Why I Don't Get Beauty Subscription Boxes Anymore

Realistically, I Wouldn’t Buy 80% of It

I know this is sort of the point. And I know it’s why people love it. But so many of the products I’ve tried, I would never have bought, and I haven’t bought again. I’m not the kind of person who uses a lip mask on the daily, and I very rarely wear a kohl eyeliner (especially a coloured one), and there’s only so many liquid glittery eye toppers a girl could need. And I feel like this was my main issue… the boxes were full of so many things I realistically just didn’t want.

It’s Wasteful

I’m not claiming to be the best at this. And I make mistakes along with everyone else in the world. But I’m trying to do my bit to produce less waste. And while I’m not going to start taking cold showers, or using plastic free products… I do feel like me not getting my 15 products a month from 3 different beauty boxes, many of which are minis, or products I use for the sake of having them, that’s me doing my bit. Because minis make a lot of waste!

(Also, I do recycle and walk where I can… and much more than just not buying beauty boxes… but in the word of Tesco ‘every little helps’

Why I Don't Get Beauty Subscription Boxes Anymore

Beauty Advent Calendars Are Now A Thing

I mean they’ve been a thing for a while. But, I feel like I get my beauty surprise hit by grabbing hold of one or two beauty advent calendars every year. Usually I go for the M&S one. But, these often have a similar selection of products… and while I know this sort of goes against the whole grain of everything I’ve just said. I am a beauty addict, and I do enjoy trying new things… so! Or if you’re looking for a fix in the middle of the year (or whenever), Latest in Beauty have some cracking boxes, full of genuinely amazing products!

I Love Shopping (And Cost)

Ha! I have a problem. A serious problem. But I love perusing the makeup counters for something new to try, and talking to the girls there about what it is they think I’d get on with. And freeing up that £50ish a month, in my mind, gives me that money instead to spend in store on something(s) I truly want to try and want to have.

And there you have it,. I don’t get beauty subscription boxes anymore… because they cluttered up my life. I’d love to know if you still get them though? And which ones you buy.

Katie x

5 thoughts on “Why I Don’t Get Beauty Subscription Boxes Anymore

  1. I don’t see many bloggers share subscription box contents compared to a few years ago. The brands where you can opt in for select boxes and don’t have to sign up for a certain amount of time seem like a good idea, if there’s a particular box that catches your eye you can get that one without having to get loads of others. Those one off boxes would make a nice gift idea too 🙂 x

    Good on you for saving yourself some money and putting it towards full size products!

  2. I’ve subscribed to LookFantastic this year. It’s basically the only beauty box available if you live in Portugal. So far I’ve enjoyed it – it’s definitely made me more knowledgeable about skincare because I try to see if what I’m getting is any good based on the ingredient’s list. But I get the clutter argument – I think it’ll take a few more months before I feel that way.

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