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So I remember buying this from a sample sale near my old job. It’s mental to think how much has changed since that moment; my previous company closed, I moved job, a pandemic swept the world and sample sales seem like a distant future…. putting that slightly daunting thought aside, I picked up a cheeky little liquid lip while I was there.

Although I have only tried very little from the brand in the past (like literally only the Contour Palette and Photo Finish Primer), I’ve always been more than impressed with what I’ve tried. They’ve remained in my collection declutter after declutter and I think they’re formulas are super impressive. But I’d never tried a lipstick from them, and so when they were all there lined up and looking pretty… it would almost be criminal not to pick one up.

Smashbox Lipstick

The lipstick I decided to go with was the Always On Liquid Lipstick in the shade Disorderly, well, because look at it, it’s stunning!

An 8-hour, liquid matte lipstick that’s specifically formulated to be comfortable and not dry out your lips. Now available in a range of new metallics, bolds and nudes!

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To be fair, their summary on the website is accurate. They’re a super matte lipstick lipstick that is comfortable to wear and doesn’t dry out your lips. They apply super easily with a matter of swipes and they last for hours through food and drink. They do do that annoying thing dark matte lipsticks do where they wear on the inside of your lip first and leave you with that weird line, but if you remember to keep an eye on it every few hours you’re onto a winner!

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The shade I have is this stunning wine coloured red, which is classic and seasonless (i.e. you feel like you can wear it all year round). There are 35 colours in total ranging from anything to your every day nudes, classic reds to purple/black or an odd bluey-green! So pretty much pick a colour and they have it!

And the packaging is beautiful and elegant and it does have a premium feel to it. I love how you can see the colour of the lipstick through the packaging and the doe foot applicator is this really convenient tear shape that makes application so much easier!

Smashbox Lipstick 2

And then there’s the price. I always thought of Smashbox as a ridiculously expensive brand that was almost unachievable. However, I’m not sure if it’s the older I get, or the more I accept expensive products exist or what. But, they are £19 and I think the price is very reasonable for the quality of the product. Weird how your perception of things change over time ey!

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Overall, I love it! Quite tempted frankly to pick up some of the other colours, in particular big spend or recognised.

If you want to check out the range for yourself, you can pick them up here

Have you tried anything from Smashbox before? The more I try, the more I want to try!

Katie x

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  1. very nice. in the world of patmcgrath and charlotte tilbury, smashbox is okay suddenly HAHA! the colour is gorgeous!!! but i HAVE to cut back on lipsticks!

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