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Not sure if you’ve been seeing those ads everywhere… ‘I can, so I did’… but \i’ve been targeted with advertising for this collection more times than I can count. Guess it worked thought. Because here I am!

Revlon recently released their Candid collection! Effectively a natural finish collection with anti-pollution technology, that looks perfect in pictures…? Sign me up! Like right now!

Revlon Candid 1

Overall, not such a fan of the packaging. I feel like it makes the collection look and feel much cheaper than it is and there’s something about that nude colour which just doesn’t sit well with me… but that’s me being picky!

Overall though… my opinions on this collection? Freaking love it! I’ll tell you why…

Maybelline Candid

The Foundation

At £8.99, I actually think this is a reasonably priced foundation. In comes in LOADS of shades and the pump is also pretty good. Unsurprisingly I’m the palest shade (around the MAC NC10 range), but if you buy it online (not from Superdrug, where they only stock like 10 shades in store), there’s 21 shades ranging from pale to dark!

Now the boring bit is over. This is a medium coverage, natural finish (neither dewy nor matte) foundation that lasts really well with or without primer. You only need one (maybe one and a half) pump(s) and it blends really well with both a brush and beauty blender. Though, as I do with most foundations, I prefer the finish with a beauty blender.

It covers most blemishes, and evens out the complexion. I wouldn’t say this is a mega high coverage foundation, and you will want to use a concealer to add coverage where it’s needed, but it does do a really good job at evening everything out!

Revlon Candid 3

The Concealer

At £6.99, this is weirdly nearly as much as the foundation, but still relatively affordable. It comes in 18 shades (pretty good for a drugstore brand) and has a doe foot applicator.

Like the foundation, this is a medium (but more on the full coverage medium) coverage concealer that looks really good on the skin. While this does help to cover blemishes, what I really like it for is under the eyes!

As it has good coverage without being too heavy and it also looks brightening and fresh, it makes a really good under eye concealer. It works nicely with most foundations in my collection (although is probably not high enough coverage for some of my mega high coverage foundations), but it really does blend in seemlessly with the matching foundation.

It lasts well, doesn’t seem to crease much if set down, and I can’t see any obvious oxidising!

Revlon Candid 2

The Powder

Last up, the one thing you don’t really have much to say about! At £7.99 it’s as much as the foundation (nearly), which means I think it’s a little overpriced… or the foundation is very cheap… not sure! It comes in three shades, which is arguably not enough and the packaging has this stopper thing that means if it’s been rolling around in your makeup bag, there’s not fear of it going EVERYWHERE when you open it!

The powder has a tiny bit of coverage to it, isn’t too powdery and doesn’t seem to flashback of have a horrible white cast to it.

I mean overall… this collection is one of my favs! Been using it everyday for a while now! Although I do find myself using the L’Oreal powder more often

Katie x

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