February Empties | Would I Repurchase?

Feb empties 1

So, where have I been? (I mean let’s face it, you probably haven’t noticed..!) It’s been mega busy at work and I’ve just not had the effort or time to write blog posts recently. This is why I’m coming at you, over half way through the month, with my empties for the month prior.

Anyway, the point to take away is, that I’m back! And I’m back with my favourite blog post of the month… talking you through my rubbish. Ok, trash does sound better in this instance.

Nice and Easy Hair Dye | Now the second time I’ve used this stuff… I mean it does the job, my hair looks gorgeous and very ginger, but I do find I have to redo it every month. So I wouldn’t really agree with the permanent aspect of it!

Empties March

VO5 Volume Blow Dry Spray | I feel like this has been going forever! Honestly bought this in like the second year of Uni! However, it did the job, and I have no complaints! Also, I have their heat protection spray on the go too

Miller Harris Rose Silence Fragrance | This was a nice fragrance, and definitely stuck around. However, not sure I’d ever repurchase as I’m just not the biggest fan of floral scents…

Simple Cleansing Wipe | I mean, they’re a classic. I buy them all the time. I know you shouldn’t use face wipes and they’re bad for your skin and all… but sometimes you just want an easy full free way to remove makeup!

Rosa Overnight Hydration Therapy | I actually really enjoyed this! It’s not a brand I’ve ever really heard of before… but I’d be intrigued to know more about them (price dependent of course!)

Empties March 1

Regenerate Toothpaste | I mean, it’s one of those slightly odd things you get in beauty boxes you use and know you’ll never repurchase, but still used it. Just would never rebuy it

Colgate Original Care Toothpaste | The most boring thing in the world, but this is kinda my go to toothpaste, alongside oral B… not much more to say

Dove Purely Pampering Coconut Milk Body Wash | I’m not usually a dove shower gel kinda girl (no real reason), but I got this for Christmas and it was actually really nice! When they’re next on offer at Superdrug will have to pick one up- just probably not the coconut scent though…

Glam Glow Super Mud Clearing Mask | I could never justify buying one of these (I feel like they’re waaay to expensive), but get one in a box? I’m definitely up for that!

Empties March 3

Charles Worthington Grow Strong Protein Treatment | I felt like this lasted forever and I never wanted it to end. I think it actually worked! I mean my hair grows quite well on its own anyway, but I did feel my hair looked and felt strong!

Clairol Colorseal Treatment | This comes as part of my hair dye kits, so I feel like I’m going to go through one of these a month! They do smell a bit like hair dye, but they leave your hair feeling super soft! And they’re actually my favourite part of these hair dye kits!

Caudalie Vinoperfect Radiance Serum | I feel like I’ve had a million Caudalie products over the years and haven’t ever bought one (they’re in every beauty box going!). They’re still pretty good though…

Affect Powder | Pretty good stuff, and while I have no real complaints with it, it’s still just a powder and I would say I have others I prefer…

Empties March 2

Oskia Nutri Active Day Cream | I really did love this… but then again I feel like I love everything for this brand. However, it’s mega mega expensive and I just can’t really afford it…

Murad Renewing Eye Cream | The only eye cream I’ve ever repurchased is the Superdrug one (it works and it’s super affordable), so I’m never sure I could justify paying any more for an eye cream ever again! This sample was pretty good though…

What have you finished this month?

Katie x

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