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GOSH Palette

Anyone who knows me, knows that I LOOOVE the GOSH To Enjoy in New York Palette. It is my go to purple eyeshadow palette. The shades blend really well, pair well together, and last really beautifully on the eyes. Their other eyeshadow palettes were beautiful, but weren’t really in my colour palette…. until they launched the To Rock Down Under. A palette full to the brim of my favourite tones – Warm Neutrals!

GOSH Palette 1

The palettes comes in at the cost of £11.99, so actually not the cheapest out there. The palette contains 9 large sized pans, 8 mattes, and one shimmer. The shades are all in that super warm, Autumnal burnt oranges, reds and purples and then a bone colour for setting eye primers.

The colour layout on this palette is gorgeous; you have a colour to set, some stunning colours to go through the crease, a few pops of colour, a few shades to deepen it and then a stunning warm gold!

GOSH Palette 3

The formula is super pigmented (just look at the one swipe finger swatches below). They blend out beautifully. Once on the eye, some of the colours are actually quite similar and so they kind of blend together. However, the colour they produce is gorgeous! You can create some stunning warm looks here. There isn’t much fall out, creasing or wearing and the shadows last really well on the eye!

GOSH Palette 4

Overall, LOVE LOVE LOVE this palette. I feel like, alongside the To Enjoy in New York palette, this is going to go down as one of my favourites. Is it anything unique? No. But is it beautiful and are these colours right up my street? Yes!

Have you tried the GOSH palettes?

Katie x

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