Review | Urban Decay Born To Run Palette

Urban Decay Born To Run Palette
Urban Decay Born To Run Palette

I feel like I’m so late onto this band wagon.. but I also really don’t care! Urban Decay get eyeshadows so right, that when they launched their new Born to Run palette I instantly wanted it! As one of the least travelled person ever, I’v e only been to like one place photographed on this palette… and that’s because it’s London… where I live.

Urban Decay Born To Run Palette

At £39.50 for 21 shades, it sounds expensive, but when you consider that’s less than £2 per shade, it’s actually pretty good value for money. The packaging is somewhere inbetween cardboard and plastic, so it feels really robust. The mirror is a really good size and actually a really good mirror and so perfect for travel and the pan sizes are really generous

Urban Decay Born To Run Palette

I mean £39.50 is a lot for a first palette. But I really do feel like this is an ideal one only palette! You have your super natural crease shade (Weekender), some stunning chocolatey browns (Riff, Good as Gone and Funk), a gold shimmer (Stranded), copper (Ignite), rusted copper (Smog), shimmery chocolate (Double Life), and a shade similar to Weekender with the very subtle shimmer. You also have your skintone shade (Breakaway) and then lots of wearable pops of colours. There’s a stunning matte pinky-peach (Still Shot), a matte and shimmery wine colour (Hell Ride and Wildheart), a matte and shimmery orange (Baja and Accelerate), a shimmery purple (Guilt Trip), a shimmery grey (Drift), shimmery jet back blue (Jet), shimmery teal (Radio), lighter shimmery teal (Big Sky), and shimmery moss brown (Wonderlust).

The only three shades I would say you’re missing to really round off this palette: a highlight shade, a bright blue, and a yellow!

Urban Decay Born To Run Palette

It’s no surprise to say that the formula of these eyeshadows is impressive. They’re easily pigmented, effortless to blend and all compliment each other beautifully. The shimmery shades work like a dream without wetting the brush, and with a wet brush they look seriously metallic. You can create super natural looks and really bold looks and this is slowly becoming one of, if not my, favourite palette! The only shade that leaves a little something to desire is Still Shot.

Urban Decay Born To Run Palette Swatches

I could go into an indepth review of the formula of the entire palette, but everyone knows by now how good Urban Decay eyeshadows are, and I feel like the photos speak for themselves!

Have you tried this? If so, what did you think?

Katie x

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  1. This palette looks really good on the swatches! I like the colour selection, but I’ve been trying to be more picky with which high end palettes I pick up because they can be really expensive & I feel like i have way too many at the moment… I need more storage!! xx

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