New | Collection Volumising Mascara

Collection Volumising Mascara Review
Collection Volumising Mascara Review

The description on this new Collection Mascara online is a long one, “Create dramatic all day volume! Long lasting intense colour mascara” – by the way, that’s sarcasm. I’ve never been overly impressed by Collection Mascaras, but at £3.99 a pop I really wanted to love it!

The packaging is this gorgeous black packaging and with these gorgeous turquoise stripes over the top. The mascara doesn’t really have any weighting to it, so doesn’t feel luxurious, but for the price point you can’t really complain.

Collection Volumising Mascara Review

The brush is very similar to that of the L’Oreal Lash Paradise Mascara, so my hopes were high. This mascara is very black and it layers up really nicely. On one of two coats it’s a really nice everyday mascara – good length, a little volume, a slight curl, overall and all round mascara. However, the more you layer it up, the more voluminous it gets (it does take a long time, but if you have the time and effort, then you can get there). It does edge on the side of clumpy the more layers you add and so it’s volume in that sense, but I’m not really against that when I want a lot of volume to be honest. It doesn’t flake on me and my lashes don’t really droop too much throughout the day.

Collection Mascara 1

Overall, it’s a good mascara. It works for both the everyday and (if you have the time) evening. However, it’s not my new favourite mascara.

Have you tried this? If so, what are your thoughts?

Katie x

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6 thoughts on “New | Collection Volumising Mascara

  1. The packaging looks pretty but I agree Collection aren’t really known for their mascaras are they? I might pick it up when I’ve cleared some mascara backlog! x

  2. The wand reminds me a bit of the Better Than Sex mascara by Too Faced. I’ll have to give it a go even if it’s not the best. I like a cheaper go to mascara that works for the everyday! 🌸

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