New | L’Oreal Color Change Lip Powder

L'Oreal Color Change Lip Powder Review
L'Oreal Color Change Lip Powder Review

L’Oreal have launched new lip palettes, this time their Color Changing Powders… yes, powders. In fact they have the same texture as eyeshadows, it’s weird. Putting that aside they have these two palettes with 5 shades, and they are currently free gifts with purchase at Superdrug!

L'Oreal Color Change Lip Powder Review

The packaging of these palettes is remarkably similar to their other lip palettes, 5 long strips with the clear lid that opens and closes with a clip. Each palette contains a few wearable and a few completely wacky shades!

High Fever is the one with all the wacky colours in; purple, burgundy, bright pink, white pink, gun metal silver

Peach Pucker is the one full of all the pink shades; burgundy (very similar to the burgundy shade in the other palette), pink, slightly paler pink, even paler pink, gold.

L'Oreal Color Change Lip Powder Review

So these are powders that you apply over the top of lipsticks to change the colour. With lots of trial and error, they’re best applied with a dense flat brush over the top of matte lipsticks. If you do it over the top of a glossy lipstick, it will cling in patches and look… odd – I mean it looks odd all over but still!

However, I have to say, don’t apply this over a really drying matte lipstick or your lips will feel dry AF with the matte lipstick and then the dry powder over the top too!

Putting this powder all over the lips looks… odd… really odd. The shadows are very shimmery and very glittery and come across quite powdery it looks.. there is no better word to describe it than odd. However, it does look nice when applied to the middle of the lips in a sort of ombre style.

The powder doesn’t transfer too much, as long as the lipstick doesn’t, and doesn’t really affect the wear time of the lipstick much and so it’ll last just a little less than the lipstick itself.

L'Oreal Color Change Lip Powder Review

Overall, I really don’t think they’re worth it. The colour selections are a little odd, they do come across powdery on the lips and overall… no, just no. You’re better off using a lipstick and then a lip topper.

Have you tried these? If so, what are your thoughts?

Katie x

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10 thoughts on “New | L’Oreal Color Change Lip Powder

    1. I didn’t really see any big launch or stand, just sort of found them burried away. Its weird how some things are launched so largely and some things had such a soft, almost none existent, launch.. but they are pretty ๐Ÿ˜

    1. I really wanted to try them, because I feel like the drugstore doesn’t really have anything like them… however, if you want a different lip colour, I think you should probably just buy another lip colour ๐Ÿ˜‚๐Ÿ˜‚

  1. I picked up the pinks, haven’t tried them yet myself. Have swatched them though, they do feel like eyeshadow. I often use eyeshadow on my lips, so it should be an easy enough transition for me.

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