New | Collection Liquid Lip Colours

Collection Liquid Lip Colours Review
Collection Liquid Lip Colours Review

I initially picked these up thinking that the were normal lipsticks, however, they’re liquid lips! And anyone who knows me knows I am obsessed with liquid lips at the moment and so I was super excited! They’re only £4.99 a pop and come in 6 super wearable shades!

Collection Liquid Lip Colours Review

On the lipstick it says “Liquid lip colour provides the coverage of a lipstick with the comfort of a gloss”, and essentially this is right. They’re not super pigmented, but they do have a fairly good colour payoff (more than an old school lip gloss). They’re a very sticky and lip-gloss style formula, which means they are very comfortable on the lips… however, they are in fact sticky. Which, for someone with super long hair, this just isn’t convenient. They also don’t last a particularly long time as they do have this gloss like finish. The applicator is a really unusual hour-glass shape, which is really unusual.. but doesn’t seem to have any direct negative or positive impact.

Collection Liquid Lip Colours Swatches

The 6 colours (from left to right) are Nude Toffee, Timeless Nude, Nude Blush, Nude Caramel, In the Buff and Soft Kisses. As you can tell from both the swatches and the names, these are super nude shades and they’re actually all super pretty and super wearable. I think my favourite is Nude Toffee.

Collection Liquid Lip Colours Review

Overall, these are not terrible, and if you like a gloss, you will probably love these… I’m just more into my liquid lipsticks and I wish they were more like an actual lipstick. However, they’re a pretty decent lip gloss and super affordable.

Have you tried these? If so, what were your thoughts?

Katie x

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  1. haha they do look like lipsticks at first, so can definitely see why you thought that! Gutted about the fact they’re sticky. Long hair and sticky gloss is definitely a no go xx

    Hannah | luxuryblush

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