New | Collection Intense Shine Gel Lipstick

Collection Intense Shine Gel Lipstick Review
Collection Intense Shine Gel Lipstick Review

Collection have launched a whole new range of lipsticks – their Collection Intense Shine Gel Lipsticks. With 8 shades, all completely wearable, at £4.99 each, they are very desirable. So, I picked up the whole range and thought I would share with you my thoughts on them myself.

Collection Intense Shine Gel Lipstick Review

The packaging is simple, a little cheap, but straight to the point. They contain a lipstick with a tilted end that makes it easy to apply, and in the lid there is a pot of lipstick in the same colour, perfect to use as a lip liner.

The formula is thick, and so not the most comfortable on the lip. However, they’re not drying and they have a slight balm like texture (just thick). It means you can still feel them on your lips for some time after application. The colours are pigmented and colours I would want to wear, and there’s a colour there for everyone. I will definitely keep hold of some of the shades and keep using them on rotation, but I wouldn’t say they’re my favourite formula by any means.

Collection Intense Shine Gel Lipstick Swatches

(shades from left to right) 1 Twilight Nude, 2 Intense Truffle, 3 Crushed Plum, 4 Mulberry Burst, 5 Pinata Pink, 6 Sicilian Glow, 7 Red Movie Star, 8 Bliss Berry.

Have you tried these? If so, what are your thoughts?

Katie x

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6 thoughts on “New | Collection Intense Shine Gel Lipstick

  1. I’ve never heard of them, but I very much like the packaging! It’s always nice to see the shade of the lipstick without actually opening it x

    1. Have you not heard of Collection? Where are you based? It might not have made it there yet… the collection lasting perfection concealer is their most famous product ☺

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