New(Ish) | Misguided Babe Power Fragrance

Misguided Fragrance Review
Misguided Fragrance Review
Misguided Fragrance Review

This has been out for about a month, maybe two, but I’ve only just got my hands on it, and at £27, it’s quite the bargain. Misguided have released a new fragrance! It’s called babe power, and is obviously available from Misguided, but if you want to smell the actual fragrance, I bought mine from Superdrug.

Their top notes are described as vanilla, orange blossom, peony and jasmine, this is obviously a super sweet scent. But with vanilla and orange blossom being two of my favourite scents, this sits very well with me. It’s an eau de parfum, and so the fragrance lasts very well.

The packaging resembles a can, and so is pretty cool.. or maybe that’s just me. But it doesn’t have the same elegant feeling of some other fragrances. So, it depends what you’re looking for.

Overall, if you like a sweet fragrance, this is for you. It has a cool, youthful and slightly trendy feel to it (much like Misguided the website), and it’s not a bad price.

Have you tried this? If so, what are your thoughts?

Katie x

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