2017 Blogging Goals

2017 Blogging Goals
2017 Blogging Goals

I can’t believe it’s now 2017?! I remember the turn of the millennium… anyway. Last year was an incredible year. I went from having a blog I never ever used, to having one I posted on everyday and gathering a little following that I have now. It’s been an incredible year and so I have a few goals for 2017 that I’m hoping to sort of keep on with.

  1. Continue to blog everyday – I have thoroughly enjoyed blogging everyday, and with my internship at Turner Sims finishing soon, I’m gaining a heck of a lot of time, so I’m hoping to use some of it for this.
  2. Change up my blog photos – At the moment I just get out my marble paper, lay out my products, and snap away. I feel like I need some wood/dotty paper/something to break up the background, and some props. I just feel like I want to put more time and effort in to them.
  3. Actually update Instagram regularly – I get into moments when I go instagram crazy, and then I abandon it for a month…. anyway, I’m hoping to post every other day.
  4. Post fewer, better quality YouTube videos – they take such a long time to put together, that I only want to produce videos that I’m really happy with.

Katie x

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