Did I Achieve My 2016 Goals

Did I Achieve My 2016 Blogging Goals

I took a look back through my old notebooks and found my New Years resolutions for 2016, and so I thought I would see what I managed to achieve, and what I had to put on hold etc.

  1. Get back into blogging – so this took me until July to do, but I went back in head first by daily blogging. And I’ve loved it ever since. I feel like this was the biggest success of my goals for 2016.
  2. Get to the gym – I feel like everyone makes this goal. But I kept it up for all of January and February, and then for most of September and October. 4 months out of 12… mmm.. fairly successful me thinks…
  3. Leave McDonalds – I literaly hated that place, I loved the people, but the work wasn’t for me. I didn’t work there over Easter because I managed to get another job. And now I’m working in Superdrug, and while the wage is actually worse (I was a crew trainer at McyDs), I find myself actually wanting to go to work… which makes a change.
  4. Keep up to date with University work – I do this for a few weeks, and then I don’t. So, I guess I sort of got it.

And they’re all I made notes of from last year, I aimed really high. But I guess I did make some sort of progress with it, so I can’t really complain. I managed to achieve so many things not mentioned on this list; including starting a YouTube channel, so I guess I can’t really complain.

What New Years resolutions did you make? and did you keep them?

Katie x

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