The Watch Supermarket Luxury Advent Calendar


We all know I have a massive addiction to advent calendars – seriously it’s getting out of hand. And so, when Kevin came home with this one, both me and him were so excited! And at the cost of £199 it’s an insanely expensive advent calendar.

This is what it says on the website;

The ideal Christmas gift, treat yourself or a loved one to this luxury advent calendar decorated in a Christmas theme with 24 windows featuring a range of jewellery from the established FIFTH NYC jewellery brand. Behind the windows there is a white gold plated or gold plated charm bracelet, a combination of 17 different gorgeous murano glass beads and charms, a pair of attractive white gold plated earrings and five stylish white gold plated necklaces of various stunning designs . The calendar will bring you 24 days of luxury and ensure you can celebrate Christmas in style.


I have to say we were both a little disappointed. For the amount he paid for it, I feel like it was a bit of a let down. With 18 of the doors taken up by one charm bracelet, that looks like something you’d get off Amazon for £10, it only left 6 doors left. You also get a lovely pair of simple jewelled earrings, and 5 necklaces. There are a few necklaces that I really love, but most of them look identical.


I feel like I’m being super negative, and I feel really bad for saying these things, I was just expecting more. I mean I like the fact that they’ve chosen red as the theme for the bracelet – very festive. And the necklaces are dainty and so will suit more or less everyone. And if you still want it, even after reading this, you can buy it here.

What do you think…?


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One thought on “The Watch Supermarket Luxury Advent Calendar

  1. I was disappointed too thought every door would of had something in it and well door number 24 had a money off voucher lol or something think it was 24 😀X

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