Review: Makeup Revolution Blush Palette


Blush was always one of those things I used to buy all the time but never wear. But in the last few months I’ve got really into my blushers, and this palette by Revolution is definitely one of my favourites. This palette is called Sugar and Spice, but they do a number of other blush palettes with various different colours in them.

At the cost of £6 for 8 blushers they’re super affordable. You can buy them from superdrug here and Revolution palettes (including eye shadows, highlights, etc.) are usually amazing quality, so I had very high hopes for this.


All 8 shades are actually really beautiful, althought I don’t get a heck of a lot of use out of them all. For example, I’m not one to wear orange toned blushes – so the three orange/brown colours barely get touched. The two shimmery colours are really stunning, but I’m not really up for a shimmery blusher. But, the two pink shades are stunning, and very up my street.


They pigmentation is actually amazing! It’s almost too pigmented, to the state where you have to be really careful how delicate or not you are with your brush when you apply your blusher. However, it means these pans are going to last FOREVER. Also, if you wanted to use them as an eyeshadow, they would definitely work.

The formula is long lasting, but a tad powdery. So, as long as you’re careful with your application, they look stunning. If you’re not so careful (which most of us aren’t on our first use), you end up with a bright pink, powdery blob on your face.


These are some really intense blushes, and for £6 you get a lot of choice for you money. It comes in the standard Revolution packaging (which I love by the way).

Have you tried these? If so, what do you think?


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