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bourjois-eyesbourjois-eyes-4Bourjois have just released two palettes; Palette Le Smoky and Palette Les Nudes. At £11.99 each, these aren’t the cheapest palettes on the high street. However, I seem to be loving everything I try by Bourjois, so I thought it was about time I tried them out.


As always Bourjois have come out with some beautifully unique and stunning packaging. It opens like a traditional palette, and then swivels round. I mean personally I feel like it’s a bit of a novelty; why would you want or need to turn the mirror in the opposite direction.. then you can’t use the actual eyeshadows… However they’re still pretty cool.


I really can’t decide if I hate or love the formula though. Every single eye shadow is shimmery; which isn’t a bad thing. The shimmer in these eye shadows are beautiful, and reflect the light in such a beautiful way. However, the rest of the formula is just a bit meh. The eyeshadows blend really beautifully, and their pigmentation is good. The formula is buttery. You’re probably all thinking that sounds great… however, for £11.99 (each) I think you can find eye shadows that are possibly better (look towards Makeup Revolution for example).


The Palette Les Nudes is probably my least favourite of the two. There are loads of beautiful pale shades that would look beautiful as the accent in the middle of the eyelid/on the inner corner. And then two dark browns… but very little in between. So, I actually feel like it’s fairly difficult to create an entire eye look with this palette on it’s own. I feel like the last four shades would make a beautiful quad.. and then they’ve added a purple, blue and green…. and a highlight.


The Palette Le Smokey has some really unusual and unique shades in there. While they look a little out there, they’re actually super wearable. The penultimate gold colour is such an interesting colour! It’s like a two toned gold and green shade. It takes a stereotypical gold shade and puts their own spin on it! I love it! And there are some stunning grey toned blues, and plum colours – so perfect for this season. However, once again, we’re missing the middle shades?!

Have you tried these palettes yet? If so, what were your thoughts?


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5 thoughts on “New: Bourjois Eye Palettes

  1. I swatches these in store and have to say that I wasn’t very excited by them. They just seemed a bit meh, like you said! I think I’m going to pass on them 🙂 xx

      1. I totally agree! I was imagining them to be more like the L’Oreal Nude Palettes where the colour’s tie in nicely, but I feel like these shades have been thrown together a bit! Really useful review though to look at proper swatches! 🙂 xx

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