21 Thoughts Every 21 Year Old Girl Has

21 Thoughts Every 21 Year Old Girl Has

1. I have nothing to wear

2. I can’t fit any more clothes in my wardrobe

3. My bank balance is obviously lying to me… I can’t be that poor

4. I’m fat

5. I really want ice cream

6. Why is all tasty food drastically unhealthy

7. Is that a grey hair?!

8. Why can’t I be as successful as Zoella

9. Seriously what’s her trick?

10. Is 21 too old to watch the Disney Channel?

11. I want to go shopping

12. But I’m broke

13. ASOS need to stop tempting me with the nicest clothes

14. I need to stop watching haul videos on YouTube… seriously it shouldn’t be acceptable to spend £200+ in one day in TopShop….

15. Should I be wearing a thong?

16. Nah, I’m not cool enough…

17. Bourjois (or insert any other brand here) have just come out with some beautiful lipsticks, I want them all.

18. I already own 50 lipsticks… is that too much…. naaaaahhh! *buys more lipsticks*

19. When are you meant to start using anti-ageing creams?

20. What am I doing with my life?

21. I’m 21, shouldn’t my life be in order by now?

Yeah… that’s basically my brain… hope you enjoyed!

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Katie x

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3 thoughts on “21 Thoughts Every 21 Year Old Girl Has

  1. Totally agree, I’m closer to 23 now so would have to add 22. When will I start to feel like a proper grown up? and 23. Why am I crying over nothing, again?! xx

    1. I cry at literally ever film/tv show when something sad or really happy happens. I’m rewatching vampire diaries and I think I spend most the time crying, and I’m thinking ‘I’ve seen this before, I know what happens, stop crying’ 😂

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