21 Things I’ve Learnt in 21 Years

21 Things I've Learnt in 21 Years
21 Things I've Learnt in 21 Years

So I’m now 21!!! AHHH!!! I’m not old!!! AHHH!

Ok. Excitement over. But I feel like, even though only 21, I’ve lived through a lot. And here are 21 things I’ve learnt in 21 years. – Yeah, my Birthday was yesterday! Whoops!

  1. Bad times have to exist to make the good times feel, well, good.
  2. Love at first sight doesn’t exist. Not really.
  3. There is nothing more satisfying for the soul than people watching and listening to good music.
  4. If something is making you miserable, stop doing it.
  5. Money really does make the World go round – though no one will admit it.
  6. Your bed is actually the best place in the World; it’s comfortable, warm, and you get to sleep in it!
  7. It’s ok not to be perfect at everything.
  8. Makeup is not that scary thing that you won’t ever be able to comprehend.. it turns out you’re actually quite good at it.
  9. You don’t like alcohol. You don’t have to yourself to drink it to fit in.
  10. White chocolate and vanilla M&S Milkshakes are the most delicious things in the Universe.
  11. If you keep painting your nails, then you’ll stop chewing them (yes, I know) and they’ll get stronger at lot faster.
  12. McDonalds is a great first time job, and a great place to start growing, but move on. Seriously.
  13. Don’t buy all those YSL stuff on the plane to Turkey… you won’t like it, or use it…
  14. Freshers Year is the easiest year of your life.
  15. Netflix will be your best friend on many an evening.
  16. 100 Nail Polishes is not too many…
  17. Although you hate it and you throw a strop every time you go, the gym actually makes you feel a lot more awake, healthy and youthful.
  18. Blu-Tack stains walls… really badly.
  19. Through everything you will have that one best friend who will be there for you through whatever.
  20. Marriage isn’t for forever. People break up. And it’s ok.
  21. Through whatever, love yourself because you are capable of a lot more than you think.

What have you learnt in your years on this Earth?

Katie x

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7 thoughts on “21 Things I’ve Learnt in 21 Years

  1. It’s amazing how much you can learn in 21 years. Honestly, some people learn more in that span of time than others do in 40 years. Thank you for sharing your wisdom! 🙂

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