Maybelline | My Favourite Drugstore Brand

Maybelline | My Picks From My Favourite Drugstore Brand
Maybelline | My Picks From My Favourite Drugstore Brand

I mentioned yesterday in My Guide To UK ‘Drugstore’ Brands that Maybelline were my favourite drugstore brand for all round. I have a number of all time favourites from the brand, and I could also really easily wear a full face of makeup from them if I wanted/needed to. Today I am going to share with you some of my favourites from the brand – and let me tell you, there are a lot!

Dream Velvet Foundation || £7.99

Without discovering this foundation I would never have broadened out to find other matte foundations. I was always so scared to use matte foundations because I thought they dried out your skin. However, this really doesn’t. AND if applies like a dream – get the joke? haha I’m so funny…

Eraser Eye Concealer || £7.99

I feel like this is a very famous concealer, and that’s because of one main reason, it’s amazing! The sponge is a little bit of an off put, as I feel like it’s a hygiene risk, but the concealer itself is beautiful, and creamy and moisturising with enough coverage to hide those under eye circles.

Master Sculpt Contour Kit || £6.99

In some of the world’s clunkiest packaging sit’s some of the world’s greatest bronzing shades. It works really well as a subtle contour. I don’t feel like the highlighter does anything for me. But still love this bronzing shade.

Colour Tattoo || £4.99

So these come in two finishes – a shimmery finish (the normal collection) and matte (leather effect) – and they are amazing! I use them all over my lid as a sort of eyeshadow primer. If I’m in a rush, I just leave it, or you can build on it with more eyeshadow! And they stay in place ALL day! Amazing!

Maybelline | My Picks From My Favourite Drugstore Brand

Master Drama Nudes Eye Pencil || £4.99

These only come in 3 shades at the moment, but they’re beautiful and creamy and so comfortable. I love to put them as a eyeliner and then smudge them out! Gorgeous!

Master Graphic Eyeliner

They’ve discontinued this now, but it’s so similar to the Benefit They’re Real Eyeliners. So if you like them, then you will like this. I don’t use it very often, but when I want a CRAZY eyeliner, this is the one!

Master Precise Liquid Eyeliner || £5.99

This is still going, and it has a super thin nib which makes it easy to use. Just love this! It’s black, and it stays in place.

Lash Sensational Mascara || £7.99 (£5.99)

This mascara is raved about everywhere, and I really get why. When I first used it, I really didn’t like it, but then when it dried a little it became my favourite mascara of all time! So, there you go!

Falsies Mascara || £7.99

This is a full on volume mascara! A little clumpy, but awesome none the same! You should definitely try this if you can!

Vivid Matte Liquid Lipsticks || £6.99

These are some beautiful lipsticks, they’re not my favourite liquid lipsticks ever, but they are also really nice!

Maybelline | My Picks From My Favourite Drugstore Brand

Colour Sensational Lipstick || £6.99

These are super comfortable lipsticks, and feel almost like a lip balm on the lips. They also come in some amazing shades – the link above is only to one of the range selections, they’re split up. But they are all beautiful! Velvet beige is my favourite!

Superstay 7 Day Nail Polish || £4.49

After Barry M, I think these have to be on par with the Rimmel ones as my second favourite! I love these so much! And you should definitely try these, their nude shades are beautiful!

There you go, all my Maybelline favourites! There are a lot, I know, but this brand is just awesome!

Katie x

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