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We all know I’m a massive fan of a beauty subscription boxes! From Birchbox, to Look Fantastic, to Powder Drawer, to Glossybox to Cosmetips I’ve tried them all! And so when L’Emoji reached out to me to try their boxes, I couldn’t say no!

Described as the Beauty Box with feelings, L’Emoji boxes can either be purchased on a monthly subscription service (costing £25 for 4-5 full sized products) where you get a selection of surprise beauty products through your door on a monthly basis. Or, new to their line up, are on time boxes that all cost £18.99 and have 3 full sized products and 1 free gift. Here’s a review of the box I got my hands on.

Pop Up ‘Yass Queen’ Box £18.99

Their ‘Yass Queen’ box includes 3 full-sized items that you would have seen in their monthly subscription box all in a one-off box with a total value of £105. The box arrives in this lovely cardboard box with black smiley faces all over it. There’s not a whole lot of packaging in there to keep everything safe, but it all arrived to me in perfect condition, so I really can’t complain!

And I totally feel like if you’re wanting to try more from Milani, then this is 100% your company!

Milani Silky Matte Bronzer (£12)

Not only is that pan just so so pretty, but this is such a luxe feeling product. You have this gorgeous black and gold packaging that clips close with one of those most satisfying ways! You then pop it open to have this wave of tropical/coconut scent (which we all know I’m not the biggest fan of) and this gorgeous bronzer shade. It can be a tad too warm, but it’s such a lovely shade for the summer months!

Dr Eve Ryouth Vitamin C Moisturiser (£65)

You know you receive things in these boxes sometimes and you’re like £65?! Why?! But the texture of this moisturiser is actually lovely- simultaneously thick but not heavy, and moisturising but not oily. It has this lovely, light scent of citrus, which I’m a massive fan of. I don’t have pigmentation as such, but I hear this really helps with that too!

My only gripe, is that it’s slightly annoying that you can’t see the % of vitamin C in it. Which can be quite an important factor for some people when purchasing skincare.

Milani Gilded Palette Jaded (£28.50)

I mean, this was the reason I chose this box. Look at it! I feel like I’ve really got into my earthy, warm toned recently and this palette is full of them! I feel like I’m still trying everything in here out, but that Gilded shade if GORGEOUS and Lagoon is such a beautiful shade! I also love the packaging, it’s so cute!

FREE GIFT INCLUDED – Dr Lip CBD Calm-Balm (£10.99)

I mean Dr Balm make the nicest, super thick lip balms! I’m not sure I can entirely tell the difference between this one and their original nipple balm, but if you have super dry lips, then this is just the best! It’s also a great all round balm if you have super dry patches of skin that need a little bit of tlc.

Overall, a great little box, and I feel like if you only want one of these things, it’s a great little box for under £20! And I really do love how they’re good, full sized products and not sh*ty little samples- which is typically my complaint with beauty subscription services!

Do you love a beauty subscription box?

Katie x

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