Are They Worth The Hype? | The Elf Bite-Size Eyeshadows

After seeing these palettes literally everywhere on my feed, I felt like I just HAD to pick one up… so here I am with 8. Yeah I didn’t go half hearted with my new Elf quad collection… but hey ho! So here I am with every single one of the Elf Bite Sized Palettes so tell you my thoughts on them…

Packaging and Price

I mean at £3 a pop you really can’t complain at the price of these… they’re just so goddam pretty! They come in very simple clear, plastic packaging with 4 decent sized pans. They feel a little cheap, but when considering the price they’re really not that bad!


Reviewing this on a slightly different order to usual as it feels you need to put the conversation about shades in the next section between the images of the palettes and the swatches! But either way, the formula is really nice! They’re pigmented, with a buttery formula (one or two shades in there are a little dry, but all in all GORGEOUS shades), super easy to blend and long lasting on the lashes! Plus, I really love that they pop their pigment on in just a few swipes!


So, as I mentioned I have all 8 palettes in this range (there are also two very similar palettes in a mint collection, but they launched after I had picked these up). Each palette comes with 2 or 3 mattes and 1 or 2 shimmers. You can create a pretty decent look with every palette and while they might not offer all the variety in the world… if you know you love a neutral look on the daily, they’d be perfect for travelling (when we can do that again!)

Colours in order they are above…

Cream & Sugar – bone shade, shimmery gold, shimmery copper and a dark brown (super neutrals palette)

Pumpkin Pie – super warm brown, shimmery copper, mid toned brown, shimmery gold (warms neutral palette)

Hot Jalapeno – shimmery yellow gold, shimmery moss green, matte moss green and a dark, bluey green

Rose Water – shimmery rose, mauvey crease shade, shimmery rose gold, shimmery purple/brown with gold glitter

Berry Bad – a neutral crease shade, a shimmery copper, shimmery pink and a warm purple toned brown

Carnival Candy – bone shade, mustard brown, reddish brown, and blue shimmer

Acai You – Sky blue, two blue shimmer shades and a greyish brown

Truffles – shimmery silver, two matte browns (one lighter and one deeper) and a bluey black with glitter in

Overall Impressions

So I love these! Not only are they adorable, but their formula is actually pretty impressive! I feel like their a little restrictive sometimes in their colour story, but they also do only have 4 shades in there and are only £3… so you could pick up a few!

Have you tried these? If so, what did you think?

Katie x

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49 thoughts on “Are They Worth The Hype? | The Elf Bite-Size Eyeshadows

  1. The colours on these look amazing! It’s my friends birthday soon and she’s makeup obsessed so I might get her some of these to try!

  2. I love this post! These eyeshadow palettes are so sweet! A very handy size for travelling or just doing a simple eye look, I may have to make myself a little order! Xx

  3. These are pretty and cute! <3 And the price is also very sweet! Haven't heard of this set, but then again I don't really follow make-up blogs a lot (should really do so though) and I haven't been out to a store with make-up in a long time with Corona running rampage. I checked online and I can find a store in my country selling them, but they are unavailable at the moment, hopefully they are back soon! I would love Carnival Candy and Acai You!

  4. Love this! Cream and sugar is one I’d use almost everyday. I’m going to see if they have this the next time I go into the stores. I love that they are so small because I don’t have a huge make up collection and just try and keep it all in one bag.Thanks for the recommendation! x

  5. Love this!! I’ve been looking at getting these for a while and I think I may just have to give in and get some!!! Xx

  6. I really like the Cream and Sugar one. Those are good when you travel so you don’t have to bring a huge pallet.

  7. I love this brand! I am so happy to hear that the formulas are buttery and pigmented. Thanks for the review, now to think of how to narrow down which ones I *need* 😊

  8. I’ll have to get these for sure then 🙂 I’ve been very good about not buying things I don’t need lately but these are totally catching my eye, specially hot jalapeno 😀

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