It’s Back for 2020…. Blogmass!

I know the majority of you guys don’t care… but for the few of you who do, I’m doing blogmass this year! I’ve done it most years and even one year I just posted everyday all year (I know, I was mental)… but as I’ve been slacking as of late, I thought I needed that inspo to really put time into my content!

So everyday between today and Christmas day you can head on over to my blog (here by the way!) and find a new piece of content from myself! Think hauls, fashion, makeup reviews, a bit of lifestyle in there and a whole lot of rambling! If that all sounds good… one, you may need help! and two, you’ll have to subscribe so you can make sure you don’t miss a post! And if you want to know the post-blogmass results then sign up to my database and I’ll share the key findings on there at the end of the month!

But not only am I posting a post a day over here on my blog, but you can catch me everyday over on my instagram! I’ve been working so damn hard at Instagram this past month and I’m really pleased with how my feed is coming along! And I have some great content planned for December… and if you ever want to actually see my face, that’s the place to see it!

And everyday on my stories you can join me as I unbox the LookFantastic and Beauty Bay advent calendars… which I’ve been eyeing up and resisting from opening for over a month now! So safe to say, I’m excited! So basically, you’ll go into 2021 fed up of hearing from me!

The only thing I can never work out what to do with is YouTube. I have an account, and I post on there periodically, but it always feels like a lot of work for very little gain and I can’t work out what to do with it! But maybe you’ll hear from me on there too!

Can’t wait for this month and hopefully you’ll stick with me on it!

Katie x

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2 thoughts on “It’s Back for 2020…. Blogmass!

  1. I usually do blog and vlogmas but this year I think I’ll just stick to blogmas. I’m so weird about my IG feed and I admit it definitely stops me from posting most of the time! It sucks! But maybe I can break out of that mindset before 2021.

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