All The Flat Inspo You Could Ever Need

So, as you may or may not know, I am currently living in a studio on my tot. And I love it! I love my space, the vibe and let’s face it the bathroom and kitchen in this flat are amazing! However, my contract will end here at the end of the year and so I’m looking forward to the future and what is next….

And after living together for 2 months of lockdown, the next stage is most probably a place with Alex. It will certainly be nice to have a separate kitchen to bedroom and living space to sleeping area (unless you sleep on the sofa) and so it means probably a whole new lot of furniture. I find myself already thinking of things I need and things I don’t and I’m already too excited

And you know that favourite site of ours (Pinterest)? It’s full of all the inspiration you could ever need!

If you wonder what my style is like- think the ready made flats in IKEA. Like I am literally head over heels obsessed with their furniture. I like a mix of wooden and white furniture with pops of black and maybe an accent colour. And I’m obsessed with using those big square book cases as a way to break up spaces in flats where you only have one big living room

What are your favourite flat items? Any top tips? Let me know anything in the comments!

Katie x

Photo credit for images: Pinterest

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