Makeup Collection & Storage 2019

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So who doesn’t love being nosey? I know I certainly do! So, some of you may know, I moved about 4 months ago to my own studio apartment. Short and sweet of it, it’s gorgeous and I love it… but it does kind of bankrupt me. Totally worth it though!

If you recognise the table and drawers though, it might be because everyone and their nan have them (from IKEA), but also because they used to be in my room at home and I just kind stole them…

Makeup Collection 4

I store my makeup in one of the Alex drawers and stuff/wires/Leo’s drawer in the other set. And then lipsticks, makeup brushes and hair bands and things on top of the desk! It works perfectly!

I’m totally not one of these people who could have a makeup collection in one place and then an everyday makeup collection somewhere else… because that would just mean I wouldn’t ever use half of the stuff I own!

I appreciate I have a million and one products, and while it is not as much as some, it’s WAY more than I need! However, I do find I use a lot of it, I love collecting it, and I do wear makeup everyday… so kinda worth it I feel!

Makeup Collection 6

First up brushes, lipstick and lipliners. The pots on the right come from a mismatch of places, the blue glass from Sainsbury’s, the left hand right one on Amazon, then the next along is the classic IKEA and then the big pot was from a charity shop… so who knows! They store my (very dirty.. whoops) makeup brushes in them, which I have a real soft spot for!

The drawers with my lipsticks, lip liners and all things lips, in are actually from Primark. Have to say, Primark do some pretty decent makeup storage! They’re organised by brand, but I do find I rotate them as much as possible!

Makeup Collection 3

Top drawer is foundation, powder, setting spray, concealer and primer. They’re separated using old beauty box boxes and I find this works perfectly for me!

I actually feel like my collection currently fits perfectly in my drawer!

Favourites? Max Factor Face Finity All Day Flawless Foundation, L’Oreal Infaillable Magic Essence Drops, Revolution Conceal & Define, RCMA No-Color Powder, and the Look Fantastic Makeup Sponge

Makeup Collection 2

Next down is all the face colour you’ll need! Bronzers in the front left, behind that highlighter, to the right blushes and then in the front there, face palettes. Totally have more than I need, but believe it or not, I actually think this is the smallest this part of my collection has ever been!

Favourites? Max Factor Creme Bronzer, CT Instant Look in a Palette, L’Oreal Life’s a Peach Blush and New Look Glow Baked Highlighter

Makeup Collection 1

Next up is the slightly random (and probably my least favourite) drawer or brow and eye products, with nail polishes in the back. On the right hand side are my eyeliners, split into brights/glitters and black. Then there’s my Zoeva palette (because I use the gingery shade on my eyebrows at the moment to match my new ginger hair). The front box is split into eyebrow products (of which I don’t have much atm) and mascaras. Then behind that is single eyeshadows, cream eyeshadows and super mini quads!

Favourites? Benefit Mascaras in general, Maybelline Brow Satin Pencil, Nars Isolde Duo, Pop Beauty Pure Pigment in Metallic Copper

Makeup Collection

And then my favourite drawer… EYESHADOW PALETTES! My one, true love… they’re all identical, but I also really don’t care! There’s no real organisation system to this drawer other than the fact I try to be able to see as many of them as possible! But this is probably where most the value in my collection is…

Favourites? Read here

Makeup Collection 5

And there’s a super attractive close up of my super dirty makeup brushes… just to reassure you you’re not alone!

Anyhow, I really hope you enjoyed having a perouse through my makeup collection!

Let me know if you spy anything you want me to talk about on the blog?

Katie x

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