Falling Out Of Love With Blogging?


Wondered where I’ve been? Yeah me too! It’s been a weird few weeks where I really just haven’t felt like it! Terrible I know!

Partly I haven’t known what to write, partly I haven’t really wanted to write about makeup, partly I’ve been completely broke, partly I’ve been mega busy and partly I’ve just really not felt like it.

For whatever reason, my blog has really taken the backseat and I got to the point a few days ago where I really kinda missed it!

While makeup is still very much my passion and I will very much continue to talk you through my thoughts on new (and old) products, empties, makeup bags, etc. etc, I really do feel like I want more of a fashion and lifestyle part of my blog. I want to be able to occasionally just sit at my computer and write. With no real objective, just ramble about a topic I’m particularly feeling right now!

The point is. I’m back! I’ve missed you, and here’s to some incredible blog posts… also see you over on insta!

Katie x

2 thoughts on “Falling Out Of Love With Blogging?

    1. Aww thanks 🙂 I think I just want to blog about other things alongside makeup! Glad to know you’re here for me and not my tragic makeup reviews! 😉 hah! x

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